Process Mining and robotic process automation (RPA)

RPA Edition

What is process mining in RPA?

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is an application of technology aimed at automating business processes. In this form of business process automation digital software bots receive instructions to perform tasks automatically. This innovative technology shows its strengths in repetitive, rule-based and mostly tedious processes and tasks performed by humans. Prior to automating said processes, organizations need to analyze their operational data to determine which of the processes are best suited for the RPA project. With the PAFnow RPA Edition we have created a version that is tailored to your needs!

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In the Robotic Process Automation industry people are growing more and more frustrated. Placing RPA bots is difficult, Process discovery workshops and interviews take up a lot of time and additionally the projects are not scalable.

Implementing PAFnow RPA Edition before launching a RPA project will improve all of those issues. New Dashboards were created to support your business with these problems!

PAFnow RPA Dashboard

Reach all of your automation goals with the PAFnow RPA Edition

PAFnow RPA Dashboard

Process Mining in RPA

The combination of RPA with Process Mining and Business Intelligence helps companies to define their automation strategy, find suitable starting points for automation projects, optimize processes prior to automation, and track the success of their efforts. The PAFnow Edition is the perfect solution for your company!

How the PAFnow RPA Edition can help you

Find exactly what you are looking for.

Icon identify

Identify where to implement bots

Provide the resources to calculate the beneficial impact of the RPA implementation

Icon Scale

Scale RPA projects more effectively

Reduce the cost and efforts needed to implement bots

Icon Drive

Drive next best actions

Accelerate time to automation through bots with prebuilt intelligence from PAFnow

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