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The Order to Cash process includes all activities related to order management. The process flow starts from the creation of the customer order, to order processing, to goods delivery and invoicing, to receipt of payment. We explain how Process Mining can increase your process efficiency, which departments benefit most from it, the advantages of using the PAFnow software in Power BI and the key features included in the O2C Content Pack.

PAFnow Procure to Pay content pack

Process Mining and Order to Cash

Efficient Processes are an important factor for success. To carry out goal-oriented optimization one must create process understanding, uncover implicit knowledge and harmonize existing processes.

However, companies are challenged to measure their functional process KPIs and have almost no transparency in cross-functional and cross-module SAP® business processes.

Process Mining can eliminate these problems by analyzing your operational data – where the actual state of your processes is recorded! They can be found in the SAP® R/3 (ECC) modules MM, SD, FI and CO.

Increase your process efficiency with our PAFnow Process Mining software and the O2C solution!

For O2C
this especially
applies to:

Order Management

First Time Right
On Time Delivery
Supply Chain Cycle Time

Accounts Receivables

Days Sales Outstanding (DSO)
Revealed Invoices
Offset between delivery and invoicing

What is included in the
PAFnow O2C Content Pack?

  • SAP® certified extractor for both SAP® R/3 as well as S4/HANA
  • Mature and continuously improved prebuilt data models
  • Integration in Microsoft Power Platform & Microsoft 365
  • Prebuilt interactive business dashboards
  • More than 400 action connectors (including SAP®, RPA, push email etc.)

+15 years

+50 enterprise

+300 O2C


PAFnow O2C Whitepaper

Process Mining for O2C

In this whitepaper, we will show you how to use Process Mining to bring transparency to the entire end-to-end process, identify the root causes of problems & initiate improvement measures, and what automation opportunities open up in your order-to-cash processes.


PAFnow O2C tool

Built on the leading business application platform, Microsoft Power Platform, PAF comes with instant vendor credibility. In addition, the PAFnow solution therefore offers usability, familiarity, lower TCO and faster time to value at a fraction of the cost compared to any proprietary platform.
PAFnow O2C Working capital
  • Impact from lead times to cash
    Analyze different lead time cases by a Sales Order product group and see how the cash flow is involved. The Process Explorer analyzes how each case looks and identifies any bottleneck that cause lead time fluctuations. Additionally, the cases are evaluated by how much cash flow was involved so users can make sure they are processing relevant data.
  • On Time Deliveries
    Deep dive into your late and on-time deliveries and find out their causes. Draw conclusions on different slices of data and specifically see which material group, country, etc. is related to each of the cases individually.
  • Working Capital
    Investigate how many customers are involved in overdue payments, discounted payments, and even the payment amount for each customer’s order. Identify what is causing the overdue payments or who is involved with the discounted payments. See the process each customer goes through and find any bottleneck included.

PAFnow allows organizations to get the most
out of their existing resources!


“We have been working with PAF for years and have always achieved excellent results. Our focus is primarily on our O2C process and progressively improving its performance. The O2C Content Pack has assisted us in achieving outstanding delivery performance and will continue to support us in ongoing O2C projects as a proven and reliable, world-class Process Mining tool.” Harald Numrich, HBK Hottinger Brüel & Kjaer GmbH


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