Process Mining and operational excellence (OpEx)

OPEX Edition

What is OpEx and why does it need Process Mining?

Operational Excellence (OpEx) is the consistent implementation of the corporate strategy. Priority is given to the continuous optimization of processes in terms of effectiveness and efficiency. Consequently, sustainable corporate change absolutely requires OpEx methods.
Process Mining offers the perfect foundation for OpEx. Lengthy and costly interviews and workshops with employees can be eliminated and replaced by fast and fact-based analysis. Only then you have the possibility to understand which circumstances prevent your company from increasing its performance. With the PAFnow OPEX Edition we have created a version that is tailored to your needs!

Fixing a process problem takes too long

Operational Excellence is proven by results! However, Inhouse Consultants have difficulties to identify and eliminate waste to cut costs and improve efficiency.
When compared to their competitors, only companies that excel in OpEx will have lower operational risk, lower operational costs, and increased revenues! Currently most companies spend too much time on analyzing and too little time on improving.
The PAFnow OPEX Edition is the perfect solution for your company to discard those difficulties.

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Reach the peak of Operation Excellence with the PAFnow OPEX Edition

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Ensure performance improvement

With the PAFnow OPEX Edition you can finally eliminate the most complex problem in business: broken processes. Uncover what is holding back your peak performance. Find every hidden information in your business processes. Pinpoint your processes with 100% accuracy.

Start tracking the progress and strategic alignments of your initiatives!

How the PAFnow OPEX Edition can help you

Find exactly what you are looking for.

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Dig to the foundations

And find out how to eliminate the most complex problem in business

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100% Clarity

Full transparency leads to productivity, efficiency, and profitability

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Visualize your data

Ability to display over one million datapoints on one page

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