Process Mining and business process management (BPM)

BPM Edition

What’s the meaning of BPM why does it need Process Mining?

Business Process Management (BPM) has the goal of utilizing all existing information in a company regarding its own business processes in order to improve the achievement of the company goals. However, these results are not based on operational data but rather on the results of workshops and interviews. Completeness and objectivity are therefore not given. Process Mining is the missing link between BPM and BI. Only Process Mining can reveal the hidden details and integrate process KPIs into target process models. The PAFnow BPM Edition will let you see the real process so you can evaluate what can be improved!

Reshaping of traditional consulting

Rapid technology advances in digitization are reshaping consulting. Traditional methods of measuring in Process Management, such as interviews, walkthroughs and workshops are not effective enough.

Process Modelling tools are not linked to operational data. People still spend to much time and money on guessing. There is no actual fact-based view of the process performance. Without real data, it’s impossible to find out where the actual problems are and the true opportunities lie. The PAFnow BPM Edition closes this gap.

PAFnow BPM Dashboard

The PAFnow BPM Edition is the all-rounder on the field

PAFnow BPM Dashboard

Missing link between BPM and BI

The PAFnow BPM Edition sheds some light by adding Process KPIs to “should-be” process models.
By eliminating the weeks or months needed for intensive process exploration and combining Process Mining with BPM, PAFnow shortens the time between measurement, diagnosis, and actions!

How the PAFnow BPM Edition can help you

Find exactly what you are looking for

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Revitalize Process Management

Add Process KPIs to “should be”-process models and find out what's going on inside your organization. Take control, and start improving the way you run your business

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Check your Process Conformance

Automatic comparison of Global Process Templates, Process Maps and Reference Models with the processes that are lived in the company

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Provide insights

On the basis of reliable knowledge from process data and stable key figures, PAFnow compares best in class and actual processes and evaluates them in terms of quality, time and costs

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