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The PAFnow Process Mining software enables companies to take advantage of their data to improve their processes immediately and position themselves for the digital future successfully. Directly improve business processes with insights from data taken from business applications, such as Salesforce, ServiceNow, Dynamics, or SAP®.

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The GPS for the modern enterprise

PAFnow Enterprise

Key Benefits

Reduce cost
Reduce process analysis and transformation cost by more than 90 %
Flexible set-up
Flexible set up either on-premises (desktop and/or server) or through Microsoft Office 365 in the cloud
Action on insights
Turn data-to-insights to actions through data alerts and workflow automation through RPA
All benefits plus
Enterprise includes all benefits from the Editions plus additional features listed below
Exceptional customer ROI
PAFnow converts insights to actions through data alerts built in record time with exceptional customer ROI.
Workflow actions
PAFnow starts workflow actions in business applications, such as SAP®, Dynamics, Salesforce, ServiceNow and many more to predict outcomes, prevent errors and automate tasks.

Key Features

Custom visuals
9 PAFnow Custom Visuals, for a process-centric perspective on data in Microsoft Power BI
Analysis dashboards
10 Out-of-the-box analysis dashboards, to analyze all your processes with one click and one view
Root cause
Find all the root causes of abnormalities automatically
User friendly
User-friendly AI-based technologies and Q&A through Cortana for better insights from data
Easy to connect
More than 100 built-in connectors to easily connect with source data
Start workflows
Receive notifications or automatically start workflows in applications when data in Process Mining dashboards exceeds a specified limit
Unlimited end-to-end processes
State-of-the-Art Process Mining application for unlimited end-to-end processes and any data source.
Exclusive access
Exclusive access to out-of-the-box Purchase-to-Pay and Order-to-Cash Content Packs.
SAP® certified
SAP®-certified connector allowing for pseudonymization of data and many more.
High performance
High performance automated in-memory data transformation.
Digital workplace
Easy distribution of dashboards and reports using digital workplace Microsoft Office 365
Data to insight to actions
More than 200 built in action connectors to turn data-to-insight-to-actions, directly.


Built in Power BI
PAFnow is best combined State-of-the-art Process Mining built in Microsoft Power BI, the global leading Analytics / BI platform for years
End to end
Works on any data for any end-to-end process at the push of a button
Process Mining reports locally, on the web, on your smart phone or through Teams, Sharepoint, printed, in Power Point, as a PDF document, …
Scalable Process Mining
Enterprise ready and scalable Process Mining tool using the digital workplace Microsoft Office 365.
Maximun value
No restriction to end-to-end processes to get maximum value from Process Mining investments.
Open data model
PAF Open Data Model for maximum flexibility to extend data models in any direction.
Project accelerator
Project accelerator packages (PAF APP and Content Packs), for a fast track into enterprise Process Mining.
Future proof
Future-proof technology based on years of innovation & research which can grow with client requirements.
Directly utilize
Directly utilize SharePoint/Teams for collaboration, Visio for process design, Quick Insights for AI, Flow for workflow automation, PowerApps for production-ready business solutions, AI builder for low-code user experience and many more.


Take your License to another level with PAFnow Editions. Find the Edition that exactly matches your needs and make your analysis even easier! Combine your expertise with insights from specialized dashboards to boost your business.

Content Packs

PAFnow Content Packs are the perfect “process accelerator”. With pre-defined data models, tailored reports, and advanced analytics, they enable you to get started quickly and focus on what matters: results.

Purchase-to-Pay for SAP® R3
Order-to-Cash for SAP® R3
Meter-to-Cash for SAP® R3
Prego Services
Meter-Operator-Services Billing
Prego Services
Customer Journey for SAP® CRM
Fujitsu TDS GmbH
Invoice-to-Cash for flowDOCS
Flow Docs
Input/Output Management for Macros eWorkplace
Supplier Reliability for Proalpha
AI Process Insights for ServiceNow

Watch how easy Process Mining is with PAFnow!