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PAFnow Process Mining Software
for Microsoft Power BI

You are looking for a fast & easy tool to take advantage of your data to uncover and eliminate weak points, improve your business processes immediately and position yourself for the digital future successfully? Our PAFnow Process Mining software is the perfect match for your company because it’s using your data taken from business applications, such as Salesforce, ServiceNow, Dynamics, or SAP®. The software is also completely integrated into your existing Microsoft Business Intelligence infrastructure for an easy analysis, visualization and optimization of almost any process.

We put Process Mining where it belongs
- into your existing BI infrastructure!
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Integrated in Microsoft 365

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The PAFnow software is the perfect match for your company. Why? It’s the next natural step. Process Mining will be effortless because you can place it inside your existing dashboards & reports. It’ the easiest decision to make!


You are already 99 % there. Why? Turn insights to actions (to automation) by using your existing Microsoft Power Platform and more than 400 prebuilt action connectors. You will have untapped possibilities to improve operational processes with your existing resources.


Microsoft 365 makes the PAFnow software easy to use, familiar, and guarantees lower TCO compared to any proprietary platform. Due to Microsoft 365 and the Power Platform, PAFnow allows organizations to get the most out of their existing resources.

  • Ready for immediate use. Connect to any data source.
  • Upgrade your experience with our solutions backed up by successful PAFnow software implementations.
  • Pre-Built Intelligence for faster time to value.
  • Common User Interface eliminates the need to reskill your workforce, reducing costs.
  • Interoperability with a huge variety of Microsoft Platform Technologies.
  • Integrate Process Mining inside your existing Power BI dashboards & Reports.
  • Turn insights to actions by using more than 400 action connectors.
  • Automate tasks and accelerate Robotic Process Automation more effectively.
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Pre-built Process Mining dashboards

  • PAFnow Discovery Page
    Discovery Page: This report page is the starting point and the center of your analysis. The visuals and report elements on the Discovery Page are tools that help you to understand and analyze your business processes and to receive complete transparency about them.
  • PAFnow Monitoring Page
    Monitoring Page: This page is designed to provide an overview of your process and helps you to keep an eye on selected key figures and trend analyzes.
  • PAFnow Difference Analysis Page
    Difference Analysis Page: Here you can compare key figures of process paths, for example the process performance of different years. This way you can learn more about possible process variants and whether there are differences in the process related to a specific attribute.
  • PAFnow Benchmarking Page
    Benchmarking Page: On this page you can compare two different process flows at once.
  • PAFnow Variants Report Page
    Variants Report Page: On this page, you can evaluate typical process key figures and analyzes that provide insight into the performance of your process in terms of variants.
  • PAFnow Loops Report Page
    Loops Report Page: This report page focusses on those variants and individual cases where a specific activity or a sequence of activities had to be redone before it went forward in the process.
  • PAFnow Automation Page
    Automation Page: Here you can find out if an investment in Robotic Process Automation (RPA) was or would be worth it.
  • PAFnow Lead Time Page
    Lead Time Page: On this page you can analyze the duration of specific cases and variants in detail.
  • PAFnow Process Steps Report Page
    Process Steps Report Page: On this report page you can take a closer look which and how those process steps further impact your process performance.
  • PAFnow Compliance Analysis Page
    PAFnow Compliance Analysis Page: In addition to looking at individual process steps, you can also look at a process step sequence. This helps you to find anomalies or compliance violations in your process.
  • PAFnow Conformance Check Page
    Conformance Check Page: In this final step of your analysis you can compare your as-is process to a target model.
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If you use Power BI, use PAFnow for Process Mining.
Overall tool has shown that if you are utilizing Microsoft tools in BI side this tool is very good for detailed process mining analysis and publishing those results. There is also free version which can be utilized if there is limited amount of data to be analyzed.

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Custom Visuals for Power BI

All PAFnow reports include Process Mining in Power BI specific custom visuals, such as:

  • Visual PAFnow Process Explorer
    Process Explorer
  • Visual PAFnow Case Viewer
    Case Viewer
  • Visual PAFnow Lead Time Calculator
    Lead Time Calculator
  • Visual PAFnow Attibute Filter
    Attibute Filter
  • Visual PAFnow Duration Card
    Duration Card
  • Visual PAFnow Histogram Slicer
    Histogram Slicer
  • Visual PAFnow Event Filter
    Event Filter
  • Visual PAFnow Document Flow
    Document Flow
  • PAFnow Pareto Visual
    Pareto Visual
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If you want to supplement the PAFnow Process Mining reports with your own evaluations or analyzes, you can do so at any time by creating your own report pages using any PAFnow custom visuals. You can also combine all PAFnow interactive visuals with more than 200 unique Power BI visualization capabilities.

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Data transformation with PAFnow Companion

PAFnow Companion

PAFnow Companion is designed for users who want to load and transform CSV/Excel/Text files or other types of flat file data of existing event logs. PAFs Companion takes data and transforms it into an optimized Process Mining data model for PAFnow in Power BI.

The three essential components of an event log are the case identifier, a timestamp and an activity name. This can be extended with further case-based- or event-based-information.


PAFnow Editions for Power BI

Find the Edition that exactly matches your needs and make your analysis even easier!


PAFnow Content Packs for Power BI

The PAFnow Content Packs enable a fast and cost-effective entry into the world of Process Mining for every enterprise.

P2P solution
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Process Mining & Procure-to-Pay

Increase your process efficiency with our PAFnow Process Mining software in Power BI and the P2P content pack!

O2C solution
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Process Mining & Order-To-Cash

Increase your process efficiency with our PAFnow Process Mining software in Power BI and the O2C content pack!

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