Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions.

1. Where is my data?

In-house, as long as Power BI is running on premise in the company. If you use Power BI in the service or via Office 365, the reports are located there accordingly.

2. Which connectors can be used for the free PAFnow Process Mining Tool?

Each of more than 100 connectors that Microsoft Power BI offers in the standard version. In addition, a PAFnow SAP®-certified SAP® data extractor for data pseudonymization and automatic extraction jobs is available at an additional cost.

3. How does PAF help me get started with PAFnow Process Mining?

PAFnow Process Mining was developed to eliminate the high Process Mining entry barriers. In addition to step-by-step video instructions and detailed documentation, exemplary event logs are available. Additionally, you can always contact the PAFnow support (support@pafnow.com) by email.

4. Which data can be processed with the free PAFnow Process Mining Tool?

Companies can use the provided PAFnow sample data for testing, as well as their own CSV data and finished event logs or data from different data sources

5. Do I have to install software to start with PAFnow Process Mining?

In order to be able to use PAFnow free of charge, the installation of Microsoft Power BI Desktop is necessary. For 12 years, Microsoft Power BI has been the world’s leading analytics and BI solution, according to Gartner. Microsoft Power BI is available as a free download in 44 different languages ​​here: Power BI Desktop

6. Is there more than just one PAFnow Custom Visual?

Yes, in addition to the free PAFnow Process Mining Custom Visual, the PAF currently offers 10 more Process Mining-specific custom visuals for Power BI

7. Are there any ready-made PAFnow Process Mining reports?

For companies that want to get started with PAFnow right now, there are pre-designed PAFnow reports, developed on the basis of hundreds of Process Mining projects and best practices. These include pre-built analytics for all data sources and business process types such as Process Discovery, Loop Analyzer, Variant Analyzer, Step Analyzer, Automation Analyzer, Benchmarking, Conformance Checker, and more.

8. Are there content packages for specific applications?

Yes. PAFnow content packs include extractors, predefined data models and technical reports for special processes, applications and issues. As a “project accelerator” they enable a quick and cost-effective entry without long project durations. In addition to SAP® Content Packs for Purchase-to-Pay (P2P), Order-to-Cash (O2C) or Customer Journey (CRM), there are other packages for the energy industry (meter-to-cash or meter operator services billing ), ServiceNow (AI Process Insights) and many more.

9. Can you optimize business processes with PAFnow?

Since 2018, PAFnow has provided PAFnow Data Alerts and PAFnow Actions with the ability to directly resolve identified process issues as well as automate business processes using workflow applications or RPA software.

10. Can you use PAFnow Process Mining in Microsoft Office 365?

Yes, PAFnow Process Mining brings the insights gained from process analyzes directly to the responsible end user and allows him to use optional additional functions in the “PAFnow Standard Edition” to directly process optimization in real time. PAFnow users can also use P in SharePoint and teams (Collaboration), combine PAFnow with Microsoft Visio for process modeling, use Microsoft Flow for process automation and much more.