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Our trusted Partners

Our partners share our core values and our belief in the power of data. Together we create solutions that meet specific customer needs. We teamed up with the leading experts in the business management sector. As a customer, you benefit from the combined expertise in the form of tailored solutions.

PAFnow Referral Partners work within their Network to make connections between their customers and PAF. The sales cycle is led by PAF, while the partners receive a commission if the deal closes.

PAFnow Consulting Partners are the prime point of contact for their clients. Not only do they provide their individual services to their clients, but they can also resell the licenses to them. For reselling the licenses to their clients, partners receive a margin based on the revenue tier achieved.
To set them up for success, they will attend a specialized Partner Training when commencing the partnership that will ultimately lead to becoming a PAFnow Certified Partner.

PAFnow Managed Service Providers incorporate PAFnow into their services to enhance customer’s exploration of their data. This way they grow revenue opportunities and strengthen customer relationships all while improving company success with PAF. The fair split of margins, depending on the value PAF’s products bring to the overall offering, are easy to understand so we can concentrate on what’s important: building the Managed Service Offering.
By offering a holistic solution to clients as their Managed Service Provider an even stronger contribution to the client’s success along with customer relationship can be built through continuous engagements. This continuous engagement in return helps MSP’s grow their monthly recurring revenue from each client – existing or new.

PAFnow OEM Partners add value to an existing product by increased product functionality through a third-party tool. This gives them a competitive advantage while saving them the development efforts of an own solution. Ultimately they are selling a combined solution that combines functionalities of the two core products into the new product.
To ensure shorter time to market periods our team is supporting them in the design and development phase to kickstart success and start working with our customers quickly. To top it off, our flexible margin model is based on the actual value of our solution as part of the overall product to the end customer.

Our Technology Partner provide a technologies to support PAF technology. They are leading vendors int their fields.

AURA is an internationally renowned BPM software vendor, recognized by leading analyst firms, including Gartner and Forrester, for its extreme ease of use, quickest implementation rates, seamless integration with other systems, scalability and many other features.
Help our customers get process mining capabilities from within our BPM platform and using our process data.
"Empowering our users with the best of the breed solution, we believe PAFnow provides the best technology and experience for our customers in process mining and process discovery capabilities."
Juan Bello, Technology Research and Analysis
Avantis Consultoria & Tecnologia SpA is a Chilean company dedicated to the knowledge transfer and implementation of advanced Information Technology solutions and techniques focused on Process Management. Today, the main application area is Process Mining, which enables Avantis to help organizations discover how their processes are being really executed, monitor them to check their conformance, and help them implement the necessary improvements to make the processes more efficient and effective. Soon, we expect to complement Process Mining with advanced AI techniques which will enable the prediction of process outcomes and execution times.
  • Business Process Optimization
  • Process Automation
  • Process Analytics
  • Cross industry, focused on large corporations
  • Project Management and Change Management
  • Strategy - Process - Resource alignment
  • Transform organizations to enable data-driven decisions
"When we searched for a Process Mining solution to offer our customers, we looked for a solution that was a leader in its field, easy to use, easy to implement and that it would accommodate easily in a widespread technological platform. We found in PAF a perfect fit for our vision."
Pablo Siegel, Partner & Co-founder
Since 2002, consultants of bc-competence have been optimizing commercial business processes. By using Process Mining, a powerful analysis tool, projects for automation are successfully implemented. In addition, effective and meaningful process analysis provide important impulses for further digitalization in the environment of SAP®.
  • Business process analysis, optimization and visualization based on Process Mining
  • Digitalization and automation of business workflows, e.g. in the context of SAP®
  • Using software robots (RPA) for process automation
"PAF provides us with a powerful tool for Process Mining. Our customers are excited about the user-friendly handling and the informative value of PAFnow."
Ralf Ruthardt, CEO
candidus is a medium-sized consultancy in the field of supply chain & transformation management with headquarters in Munich. We combine the conceptual claim of a top management consultancy with a strong implementation orientation. Internationally experienced consultants with many years of industry and methodology know-how work together with our clients to develop convincing solutions. We have a wealth of experience and first-class references with both medium-sized companies and large corporations. The challenge appeals to us - regardless of the size of the company.
  • End-to-end supply chain management and optimization
  • Process Mining
  • AI-based forecasting and inventory management
  • Strategy and business model development
"Achieving measurable & sustainable results together with our clients - PAFnow supports our approach to offer individual solutions and to achieve fast, measurable results with an agile approach."
Peter Kreußel, Senior Consultant
Capgemini is a global leader in consulting, digital transformation, technology and engineering services. The Group is at the forefront of innovation to address the entire breadth of clients’ opportunities in the evolving world of cloud, digital and platforms. Building on its strong 50-year+ heritage and deep industry-specific expertise, Capgemini enables organizations to realize their business ambitions through an array of services from strategy to operations. Capgemini is driven by the conviction that the business value of technology comes from and through people.
celver AG accompanies customers around the topics of planning, analytics and smart data and supports them from technical consulting to process definition to complete integration into the system landscape. With innovative methods and technologies, they build custom-fit solutions together with their customers, which form the basis for intelligent and data-driven decisions.
  • Reporting and Analysis
  • Ent-to-End-Planning Processes
  • Big Data Integration
  • Predective Analytics
  • Process Mining
The core business of dab: Daten – Analysen & Beratung GmbH is the analysis of structured data, especially – but not exclusively – from SAP®. Through our innovative software solutions for standardized data analysis and highly professional services, we enable customers worldwide to easily access large amounts of data and then convert them automatically, quickly, reliably and transparently into sound knowledge (“Changing data into knowledge”). In this way, we create added value by increasing data quality, identifying process improvements, making risks transparent or mitigating, and providing essential bases for decision-making.
"Our customers can use our dab data analytics solutions in combination with ACL™ for classic data analysis and Process Mining, and thus in their preferred application. The solutions from dab and PAF complement each other perfectly and create the optimum benefit for our customers."
Martin Riedl, CEO
Dynamic People is the Microsoft GOLD partner that makes ERP and CRM really work together. Since the start in 2006 we take the extra mile where others stop. We like to think outside the box, which makes Dynamic People anything but a traditional IT house. We do not limit ourselves to parts of your business, but rather make the necessary cross-connections from a holistic point of view. This is how we automate and optimize your business processes and allow you to take maximum advantage of today’s technology. ERP or CRM? ERP and CRM! We use proven technology together with our in-house developed software to implement integrated solutions that take you further.
  • Trade & Commodities
  • Finance
  • Professional Services
We are EIFFEL. Experts in law, finance and litigation. Grown up with the help of interim professionals and then only got smarter. Still good at flexible capacities, but just as good at sustainable solutions. And with a guarantee of results. We really solve problems. By uncovering the core of a challenge and, based on this, formulating an intelligent form of service. This begins and ends with our employees, strengthened by our knowledge of data. We call this Human Powered Data Driven. We do not choose the easiest way, but find the question behind the question. For example, we are a solid tactical partner and sparring partner for strategic questions.
”EIFFEL is a consulting company in the Netherlands specialized in Process Mining and dashboarding. As a process improvement, we were searching for a tool that combined all this knowledge into one. The existing Process Mining tools had nice visuals but were not flexible and customizable enough. We could not find any solution that fitted our needs and that is why we decided to build a Process Mining visual in Power BI ourselves. Because EIFFEL is not a software engineer, we kept looking for opportunities in the market that also sees the potential for Process Mining in Power BI. Once we came across PAFnow, we knew a partnership should be settled.”
EMPORIAS has been a pioneer in lean finance and supply chain management for around 20 years. As an internationally active process consultancy, we are implementation specialists in these areas, know the critical success factors and ensure optimal results. Especially in the financial sector, we apply our expertise from the industry to standardize and optimize your processes. We create transparency, industrialize your organization and help you reduce interfaces. Through our strong partner network in the areas of IT and science, we offer you customized and innovative solutions.
  • Visualization, analysis & optimization of service processes
  • Building key performance indicator systems to support a continuous improvement process
  • Banks, insurance companies, capital management companies
  • Logistics service
”PAF's process mining solution ideally supports us in our project approach by creating maximum process transparency, fast insights and easy extensibility of the analysis options. Thus, we create a sound, data-based starting point for the identification of optimization potentials in our customers' processes. The effectiveness of the developed solutions can also be proven through key performance indicator systems based on PAFnow.”,
Dr. Carsten Jacobi, Managing Partner
Fujitsu TDS GmbH is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Fujitsu Group with headquarters in Neckarsulm and a total of 14 locations throughout Germany. With more than 800 employees, we provide medium and large companies with a comprehensive portfolio of SAP® and IT outsourcing. The Fujitsu TDS combines trends such as Industry 4.0 and Smart Factory with the requirements of companies. Cost, efficiency and safety are always the focus. As an SAP® Gold Partner, Fujitsu advises companies on the use of SAP® products and, for example, the integration of SAP® S / 4HANA®.
  • PAFnow Content Pack: “Customer Journey for SAP® CRM”
  • Financial Services
  • Energy Industry
  • Supply Chain Management
“Together with PAF, we have the right tools to help our customers transition to S / 4 Hana, their automation strategies, or the optimization of their processes.”
Perry Fett, Division Manager
Horn & Company is a management consultancy founded in 2009, in which experienced consultants of large consulting companies have come together in an entrepreneurial way. Our focus is on programs for increasing profit “in good times and in bad times”. Over 80% of our customers come from SMEs. Furthermore, we build on our extensive experience in the organizational development of companies. The holistic view of our employees gives our results a high degree of credibility with corporate executives, shareholders and investors. We stand for conceptional strength, a high level of operative grounding, coupled with sound industrial expertise. In 2016, we were awarded Best Mid-Sized Consultant.
  • Banks and Insurance Companies
  • Industrial and Wholesale Companies
  • Large – often family-run – Middle Class
“With PAF Process Mining, we help our customers to gain complete transparency about the real proceadures in their processes in a short time. In this way, we can jointly identify optimization potential and set up improvement programs in order to exploit digitization potentials and thus generate sustainable value from data already available in the company.”
Dr. Michael Lukarsch, Managing Partner
KPMG Belgium, with 1,400 employees across the country, offers personalized and multidisciplinary support in audit, accountancy, tax and legal advice. In addition, we support a wide range of management services: from operational efficiency, cost management to digital transformations, risk management and deal advice. As an integrated business using the latest innovative tools, KPMG Belgium is in a strong position to respond to client needs, bringing together the right teams at the right time, across disciplines and across borders. Clients benefit from the KPMG Lighthouse network, our Center of Excellence for Data, Artificial Intelligence and Emerging Technologies, which drives speed and relevance, accelerates innovation and brings together KPMG’s portfolio of data-driven capabilities and technologies.
  • Shaping the Data and AI agenda and Strategy
  • Establishing an effective operating model and ecosystem for maximizing value generation from Data und AI
  • Enable insights driven decision making from a business and technology perspective
  • Design and develop the right digital solutions, leveraging new technologies and embedded within your existing technology landscape
  • Address specific data and AI related challenges or use cases
“KPMG Belgium is proud to work with PAF on bringing a unique perspective on data, embedding actionable insights and business value. We see this partnership as paramount in helping businesses tap into the potential of their data ecosystems”
adds Jorn De Neve, Head of Advisory KPMG Belgium.
lutra analytics is a young company with the goal of spreading the joy and the exciting possibilities of Data Science. We search for answers in your existing data and visualize them in clear and interactive graphics according to the target audience. In addition to the preparation of structured data, we use Process Mining to analyze business processes and offer additional options for process support with machine learning.
  • Data Insights: New insights from existing data
  • Process Mining: Data-based process analysis and optimization
  • Visualization: Target group-specific dashboards and reports
  • Machine Learning: Process support through innovative technologies
“We are convinced of the potential of Process Mining. Especially the combination of PAFnow and Power BI opens a huge potential. We are convinced that with PAF we have found a partner that not only we but also our customers are enthusiastic about! ”
Adrian Bucher, Founder & Data Scientist
Metricus transforms your IT data into usable values ​​for your organization. A range of cloud-based offerings provide the framework for targeted solutions – delivered quickly, cost-effectively and with proven ROI. Based on Microsoft Azure, Metricus Services represents an integrated ecosystem of cutting-edge technology that delivers advanced data visualization, metrics management, machine learning capabilities and Process Mining. Metricus Services enables the rapid deployment of targeted Metricus Solutions to turn your IT data into actionable insights, predictive metrics, and value-based scorecards and dashboards.
  • PAFnow Content Pack: “Process Intelligence for ServiceNow”
“Metricus has partnered with PAF to provide ‘Automated Insights for Service Management’, enabling organisations to graphically understand and measure their end-to-end IT processes, ensure compliance with standards, detect anomalies and track metrics to increase the efficiency of IT resources. The data analytics expertise of Metricus, combined with the Process Mining expertise of PAF, result in the leading Process Mining tool for ITSM.”
Ian Bradley, Co-Founder & CTO
Microsoft is the world’s leading manufacturer of standard software, services and solutions. They help people as well as companies of all industries and sizes to fully realize their potential. Security and reliability, innovation and integration, as well as openness and interoperability are central to the development of all Microsoft products.
“The Process Analytics Factory has created a tool that, in the context of digital transformation, demonstrates how disruptive technologies help to optimize even classic business processes as fast as lightning. The intelligent and fully automated process analysis engine adds a new dimension in critical path detection efficiency. The first customer projects show that enthusiasm is almost an understatement. Through integration with Microsoft Power BI and SAP®, commissioning is done quickly without tedious procurement processes.”
Ralph Kemperdick, Digital Business Architect
The ORAYLIS team is made up of data experts who are burning to turn companies' desire for innovation into digital reality. With the right data strategy and technical precision, ORAYLIS develops forward-looking solutions based on Microsoft technologies to guide companies safely through the digital transformation. Agile procedures and partnership-based collaboration are the starting point for successful implementation. In this way, ORAYLIS helps companies grow healthily and continue to create new value in the future.
We have the largest consulting team in Germany that focuses exclusively on Microsoft technologies. Thanks to this unique expertise, we can implement any data-driven requirement of our customers – no matter how specific. By integrating Process Mining into our platforms, we enable efficient optimization and sustainable control of operational business processes. The Microsoft platform offers a wide range of options for further development, such as AI solutions, process automation with RPA or integration into company-wide communication with the help of collaboration tools.
“PAF’s approach fits our business perfectly. As Cloud and BI experts in the Microsoft environment, we continuously harmonize data for our customers and prepare it for the various business services. This enables our customers to make better decisions. In this context, Process Mining combines operative process control with strategic decision-relevant information. Since PAF uses the Microsoft platform for this – just like us – it is the ideal partner for us”.
Carsten Müller, CSO, ORAYLIS GmbH
Founded in 2007 and based in Munich, pmOne today employs around 250 people. The company offers holistic consulting and the development, implementation and operation of data-driven IT solutions. In addition to comprehensive key solutions about topics such as data governance, artificial intelligence and advanced analytics, the company is focused in technical, strategic and technological know-how in the area of ​​corporate management and consolidation. Thus, pmOne profitably supports central business areas such as finance, marketing & sales, production as well as procurement and IT. With the highest data quality and maximum insight, pmOne generates real added value and makes it usable for customers, employees and society. In the sense of: “Data driven. People minded. “
  • Supplier Chain & Procurement Analytics Expertise
  • Purchase-2-Pay Analyse based on PAFnow
  • pmOne Content Pack Supplier Analytics
”PAFnow convinced us because of the many innovative approaches and the consistently clear focus. It is the right platform for us to realize our solutions in the area of ​​process analytics.”
Georg Droschl, Vice President BI & Analytics Platform
prego services develops and operates scalable, secure and future-proof IT and business solutions for medium-sized companies at its sites in Saarbrücken and Ludwigshafen. The focus is on energy, public administration and healthcare sectors. Comprehensive and tailor-made services in the fields of information technology, human resources, materials management and purchasing as well as energy services are also offered across all industries. With nearly 500 employees and a high-performance and modern infrastructure, prego services offers consulting, solutions and services from a single source. Its customers include utilities, federal agencies, Deutsche Welle and the renowned industrial companies Mobotix and Calvatis.
  • Energy industry: securing efficiency potential through meter-to-cash for SAP® IS-U
  • Purchasing: securing efficiency potential through “Process Mining Purchase-to-pay” solutions for purchasing
“While other Process Mining companies typically rely on standard processes, with PAF we have found a flexible and reliable partner that works with us to meet the needs of our customers. So the decision for the PAF, after a detailed market evaluation, was easy for us and we look forward to many exciting joint projects.”
Thomas Weichelt, Department Manager
Protiviti is a global consulting firm specializing in corporate and IT governance, corporate risk management, finance and transactions, and internal audit. In Germany we are represented with offices in Frankfurt am Main and in Munich.
PwC is Germany’s leading auditing and consulting firm. On the way to the digital era, clients rely on our interdisciplinary competence, global networking and high integrity. Together with our clients, we find individual answers to even the most complex questions of our time. From strategy to implementation, we accompany you into the digital age and support you in successfully exploiting growth potential in the digital world. In Germany alone, we support our clients with around 600 partners and a total of over 11,000 experts from 21 locations with high-quality, industry-specific services in the areas of auditing, tax and management consulting. More than 250,000 employees in 158 countries belong to the PwC network worldwide.
  • Cross-industry process and data analyses
  • Development of industry-specific key figures for quality control (internal reporting)
“What drives us? The combination of experience and innovative thinking. We combine our traditional core competencies in auditing and consulting with our digital know-how, agility and innovative approaches.”
Reply specializes in the development and implementation of solutions based on new communication channels and digital media. Reply, with its network of highly specialized companies, effectively supports European industry leaders in telecommunications and media, industry and services, banking, insurance and public administration in business models based on new paradigms such as big data, cloud computing, digital media and the Internet of Things. Reply’s services include: consulting, system integration and digital services. Cluster Reply specializes in Microsoft technologies and applications in the Reply Network, and as a “Microsoft Gold Certified Partner” has been helping its customers since 1996 to take advantage of the latest Microsoft technologies. Cluster Reply is a leader in Microsoft Data & AI, CRM, Cloud Modern Services and Cloud Modern Solutions.
  • Data Driven CRM
  • Managing the Digital Workforce – Process Mining, Robotic Process Automation und Machine Learning
  • Self-Service BI / BI-Modal DWH
”PAFnow is a perfect partner for us. The comprehensive and innovative Process Mining platform supports our agile process model with fast insights, low set-up effort and almost unlimited extensibility.”
Axel Kaiser, Manager
With more than 3,000 successful projects, ROI-EFESO is the leading management consultancy for efficient production, adaptive supply chains and industrial digitisation. We support companies in the discrete manufacturing and process industries to optimise their product and technology portfolio, increase operational excellence, design global networks, optimise the organisation along lean principles and reduce costs along the entire value chain. We use Industry 4.0 and IIoT technologies to align processes in a customer-focused manner, achieve efficiency potentials and enable new business models. With the Learning Campus, we make this expertise available by means of an extensive seminar and training portfolio. As part of the international EFESO group, we have a strong presence in all industrial regions on every continent.
  • After our consultants are already trained on PowerBI by default, they were able to work with PAFnow very quickly
  • Our customers appreciate the fast implementation speed, the easy integration into the IT systems and especially the convincing cost-benefit ratio
Our more than 500 consultants deal with the analysis and optimization of our customers' processes on a daily basis. Process Mining complements our existing range of consulting tools. We use it in all practices across all topics for our industrial customers.
Sebastian Grundstein, Principal
As lawyers, tax consultants, corporate and IT consultants and accountants, Rödl & Partner is represented at 111 locations in 51 countries. Clients worldwide trust our 4,700 colleagues. Rödl & Partner is not a coexistence of lawyers, tax consultants, accountants, management consultants and accountants. We work closely together across all business areas. We think from the market, from the customer and we fill the project teams so that they are successful and reach the goals of the clients. Our interdisciplinarity is not unique, neither is our internationality or the special, strong presence in German family businesses. It’s the combination: you will not find another company that consistently focuses on the comprehensive and worldwide advice of German companies.

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