Turbo engine for the digital race: New PAFnow version for easy entry into Process Mining
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Turbo engine for the digital race: New PAFnow version for easy entry into Process Mining

  • Completely overhauled version with new user interface and new features
  • 50-times faster performance, new PAFnow Process Explorer, and new PAFnow Root Cause Analyzer
  • From now on “PAFnow PRO” as an extended, cost-effective entry-level version, in addition to the FREE version.
  • PAFnow Open-Data-Model and complete integration into Microsoft Power BI and Office 365
  • Quick entry into Process Mining as a chance for corporations and SMEs
  • Feedback from the beta testers Leifheit and Eneco

Darmstadt, 22 October, 2019 – The new version of the Process Mining Tool PAFnow is now available to customers. The completely overhauled version PAFnow 2019.1 by the Process Analytics Factory (PAF) is integrated into Microsoft Power BI and Office 365 and comes with a new design and new features.

Facelift, new tools and improved features

Most striking is the completely new PAFnow user interface. The design is based on customer feedback and is particularly user-friendly through its clear layout. Major new developments can also be found in the interactive PAFnow Process Explorer which forms the heart of PAFnow. In response to many customer requests it can now be operated with a slider. Now users can customize the visualization of process variants and their desired level of detail fast and comfortably via mouse movement. The desired insights into the as-is process flow are thus obtained even faster than before. The product video offers a detailed overview into all new features of the PAFnow Process Explorer.

In addition, the new PREMIUM and ENTERPRISE versions come with new and improved Custom Visuals for versatile and conclusive process visualizations. This includes the new PAFnow Root Cause Analyzer which now comes with a gridline view and a scatter plot for an optimized root cause analysis. Now, the events that are responsible for the event flow of the visualized as-is process can be identified even faster and easier. The dashboards for the Difference Analysis and Conformance Analysis were also improved. This includes, for example, the new Concept Drift Detection tool to look at the chronological sequence of process changes. In addition, the Case Viewer now comes with an improved design that allows the visualization of much more data. The drill-down and expand-down features of Power BI are now also supported. These allow users to combine events into groups — of one attribute in the process level and multiple attributes in the case level. So users gain a whole new level of insight. For example, inefficient back and forth coordination procedures between departments become visible.

new filter preview
The new interface of PAFnow Process Mining including the slider for the PAFnow Process Explorer

From now on “PAFnow PRO” as extended entry-level version

In keeping with PAF’s goal to ‘democratize Process Mining’ there is now a further entry-level version with “PAFnow PRO” in addition to the free FREE version for the millions of Power BI users. This allows companies to carry out an explorative process analysis starting at 99 € per month."At the beginning of 2019, we started the worldwide ‘Democratization of Process Mining’ with our PAFnow FREE version. Now, we stepped up our game even more to make it easier for companies and their decision-makers to extend Process Mining to new application areas. The new release provides users of the FREE version with the PAFnow Conformance Check and thus one of the most important Process Mining features for the digital workplace. Users of the PREMIUM and ENTERPRISE versions also profit from the optimized visuals. In general, we are proud to say that users of all versions can profit from Process Mining in just a few minutes due to the seamless and ‘installation-free’ integration of PAFnow into Power BI and Office 365. Free of charge and with no need for proprietary isolated solutions or data science skills", says Tobias Rother, founder and CEO of PAF.

new filter preview
Now, the FREE version also includes a Conformance Check

50 times improved performance

In addition to the improved interface and the optimized and extended features/functions, PAFnow 2019.1 also comes with a substantial performance improvement. In the backend, data transformation happens ten times faster in comparison to previous versions. In the frontend, the speed is even up to 50 times faster. Timo Nolle, CTO at PAF and the primarily responsible for the technical innovations sees the update as a milestone: “Absolutely everything was up on trial. Most importantly, we took the feedback and requests from our users seriously. After all, they know best what they need and how – for example the slider in the PAFnow Process Explorer. We added a significant performance upgrade on top. One of the reasons for this improvement is that Process Mining has reached the masses and is used much more widely and intensively by companies than a few years ago.

Feedback from the beta testers Leifheit and Eneco

Leifheit, one of the leading providers of household items, was among the first companies to test the new version: “The new slider in the PAFnow Process Explorer for variant selection is a great improvement. It facilitates the discovery of processes with an easy and intuitive way to scroll from the main variant to further process variants. It also improves the design and performance of the starting page of the respective report page, as it enables users to change the basic settings to display only a small number of variants instead of waiting for the whole ‘spaghetti’-visual of the maximum-variants to load”, says Alexander Keul, IT process consultant at Leifheit AG.

The Dutch power provider Eneco has also tested PAFnow 2019.1: “We have used the latest version of PAFnow in our project to improve our business processes. We are very pleased with the detailed insights regarding our process and compliance control. In particular, the seamless integration into Power BI and the new functions such as the Conformance Check help us to achieve fast and significant results”, reports Liza de Vries, Process Expert Innovation at Eneco.

Integration into the digital workplace and PAFnow open datamodel

Companies of all sizes can get started with the process analysis and optimization via Process Mining and use data from all business divisions. This is due to the complete and installation-free integration of PAFnow into Microsoft Power BI and a resolute open-data-model. The provided PAFnow Content Packs can be extended quickly and easily to fit all the needs of specific departments. This enables complete transparency of as-is processes in areas such as controlling, taxes, cash management, internal revision, master data maintenance, risk evaluations of vendors and customers, or delivery reliability.

Process Mining becomes a public domain

The need for optimization tools based on Process Mining is growing. At the same time, however, there is still a supposed financing hurdle, especially for many SMEs. This was revealed by the recent study 'Process Mining & RPA 2019' by IDG Research Services. Their research revealed that more than 90 percent of businesses are convinced that digitalization can only be done with Process Mining and process automation. Accordingly, currently 19 percent of companies with a relatively large IT budget of more than 250,000 Euros are presently involved in applying Process Mining to all existing processes. In contrast only seven percent of smaller businesses with a lower budget plan on implementing Process Mining. Although, said businesses see the great potential and consider transparency to be the greatest use and advantage of Process Mining.

With PAFnow’s low entry barrier due to its use in Microsoft Power BI and the free version the budget and ROI question becomes redundant. With PAFnow every business worldwide can start with Process Mining basically overnight”, says PAF’s CEO Tobias Rother about the advantages of the distribution and implementation concept of PAFnow Process Mining.

Four versions to meet all demands

PAFnow is available in four versions: The cost free FREE version and the licensed versions PRO, PREMIUM and ENTERPRISE. The FREE version already offers full Process Mining functionality. ‘PAFnow Process Mining FREE’ is a so-called custom visual and can be found in the Microsoft Power BI Marketplace ‘Microsoft AppSource’. Alternatively, the tool can be downloaded from the PAF website after registration. Users will also find a short manual and exemplary event log data with which they can try out the tool. Prerequisite is a free desktop license for Microsoft Power BI and event data from previous systems such as SAP®, Salesforce or Excel.

The PRO version uses Process Explorer to provide more detailed insights into the processes. The PREMIUM version has eight additional PAFnow Custom Visuals, which are available in eleven best practice analysis dashboards for a quick start. In addition, PAF presents the next Conformance Check product generation with PAFnow PREMIUM. This allows Microsoft Power BI users worldwide to compare target and best practice processes with the actual processes determined and to intervene immediately in the event of conformance deviations. The ENTERPRISE version is designed for company-wide use and contains the document flow as a further custom visual. In addition, optional, ready-made content packages, such as for Purchase-to-Pay and Order-to-Cash processes, allow a quick entry into company-wide analysis and optimization projects. Data from an unlimited number of events can be automated, pre-processed with high performance and, if desired, pseudonymized.

In addition, the PREMIUM and ENTERPRISE versions enable real-time process optimization. More than 100 connectors to backend systems and more than 200 action connectors ensure this – quite simply and for every user. This allows optimization measures in business processes to be initiated directly from PAFnow, and workflows in applications to be started automatically when data in PAFnow exceeds a defined limit. This eliminates the high development and investment costs of comparable isolated solutions. While conventional optimization projects often take up to six months to complete, PAFnow can reduce the time from proof of concept to immediate and automated optimization to up to ten working days in simple cases.