Spring Update 2021
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PAFnow Process Mining software Spring Update 2021

Four ENTERPRISE editions, improved performance, and optimized Process Mining App

Darmstadt, Ann Arbor (Michigan, USA), February 24, 2021 - The Process Analytics Factory (PAF), a leading Process Mining vendor from Darmstadt, Germany, introduces the “PAFnow Spring Update 2021”, featuring the latest innovations and improvements to its Process Mining software integrated in Microsoft Power BI. These include a total of four industry-specific ENTERPRISE editions and a significant increase in performance. In addition, there is now the optimized PAFnow Process Explorer with extended functions. Furthermore, PAFnow will in the near future include a Subscription and Session Manager. This will enable companies to conveniently manage the available licenses and to assign user rights in a compliance-compliant manner. A new Lead Time Calculator is also being implemented.

With a current total of four ENTERPRISE solutions, the latest PAFnow version offers specialized prebuilt analysis dashboards that are tailored precisely to the corresponding business applications, thus significantly simplifying and accelerating use for specific areas of application and industries:

  • The RPA (Robotic Process Automation) Edition has pre-built dashboards that support companies during all RPA project phases, from the identification of automation-relevant processes to the implementation and evaluation of automation.

  • The BPM (Business Process Management) Edition supports BPM consultants and organizations in cross-organizational process improvement projects. Dedicated BPM dashboards help understand and benchmark business processes, find compliance violations, and define best practices.

  • The OPEX (Operational Excellence) Edition helps “in-house consultants” to identify repetition, measure process performance, monitor the progress and success of improvement activities, standardize processes, and achieve improved right-first-time rates, among other things.

  • The AUDIT Edition provides complete visibility into the real processes to improve audit performance in terms of time, quality, and accuracy. Internal audit departments gain 100% visibility and can focus on potential risk, control and compliance weaknesses instead of spending time and effort on understanding process flows through interviews, workshops and sample-based walkthroughs.

Improved performance and optimized PAFnow Process Explorer

PAFnow has also received an extensive performance boost. This is particularly evident in the Case Viewer. Rendering for visualization is over 50 percent faster than before (Fig. 1). Overall, this leads to a significantly better performance of PAFnow.

comparison initial rendering pafnow case viever
Fig. 1: The improved Case Viewer offers significantly faster performance of up to 57 percent.

In addition, users can now access even more functions thanks to an optimized PAFnow Process Explorer. This increases the variety of display perspectives and enables even more precise insights into the processes. PAFnow now has a total of 12 Process Mining Custom Visuals.

Positive feedback on the new version has already been received from Martin Frank, Data Science & Plant Analytics Team at Constantia Flexibles, a leading global manufacturer of flexible packaging products and labels. He and his team are particularly excited about the implementation of the improved Process Explorer: “PAF has taken direct reference to our customer request in the optimized Explorer and implemented it in an even better form.”

dr. timo nolle
Dr. Timo Nolle, CTO of PAF
Dr. Timo Nolle, CTO of PAF, finds his development strategy confirmed: “The Process Mining success of our customers is the focus of PAF. That’s why we take customer feedback and suggestions for improvement very seriously. This also helps us in product development to continuously improve PAFnow bit by bit every day”.

Simplified administration and redesigned Lead Time Calculator

A Subscription and Session Manager is about to be launched. This will allow companies to conveniently manage their own licenses and user rights management. This ensures efficient use of licenses and compliance-compliant use of the software.

Another innovation currently being implemented is the Lead Time Calculator with drag-and-drop functionality (Fig. 2). With this, the lead times for any process sections can be calculated and visualized intuitively, flexibly and completely data-driven in just a few steps. This not only allows the average duration of the process to be identified, but also any outliers or bottlenecks.

redesigned pafnow lead time calculator
Fig. 2: The new Lead Time Calculator visualizes any process sequence via drag and drop.

In this way, the Lead Time Calculator follows the idea behind the Event Filter, which already features drag-and-drop functions since the Summer Update 2020. This means that a simply created target model - based on the selected desired actual variants without manual modeling - can be used to very quickly and efficiently find variants in which gross violations occur in the process flow.

What is PAFnow?

PAFnow is a Process Mining application fully integrated into Microsoft Power BI and Microsoft 365 for the analysis, visualization and optimization of almost any process. This gives PAF a unique selling point and a clear competitive advantage: “Most companies are not aware that with established BI platforms such as Microsoft Power BI and Office 365 they are already in an immediate position to make process knowledge from data automatically accessible to the responsible employees. An additional platform solution for Process Mining usually first creates more effort, generates acceptance problems among users and leads to a delayed or even unattainable return on investment,” explains PAF CEO Tobias Rother.

With PAFnow, on the other hand, these problems do not arise in the first place: “In our experience, the use of a Process Mining application within an existing platform reduces the effort from start-up to process analysis to establishing it in the business departments by up to 95% compared to proprietary Process Mining tools. With PAFnow, it usually takes less than a week to directly optimize business processes,” explains Tobias Rother based on his project experience with PAFnow.