Process Optimization in just one week: Global Process Mining Democratization in full swing
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Process Optimization in just one week: Global Process Mining Democratization in full swing

Darmstadt, June 12, 2019 Until now, Process Mining tools were paid-for solutions for experienced data scientists. With the release of PAFnow Process Mining in the Microsoft Power BI Marketplace “Microsoft AppSource”, Microsoft now offers a fully functional, free process visualization and analysis tool. For the first time, millions of Microsoft Power BI users can use the Process Mining functionality to this extent free of charge.

PAFnow Process Mining is a fully integrated Microsoft Power BI solution from the Process Analytics Factory (PAF) and works as easily as a smartphone app. The tool analyzes the corresponding event data and displays their sequence as well as their interaction in a graphical and thus easily understandable form of a process graph. With this complete view of the actual process, weaknesses and optimization potentials can be precisely identified in minutes. Prerequisite is a free desktop license for Microsoft Power BI, event data from source systems such as SAP®, Salesforce or Excel and the installation of PAFnow Process Mining as a so-called Custom Visual from the Microsoft Power BI Marketplace 'Microsoft AppSource'

5 days to implementation

A key advantage of PAFnow over comparable solutions is its full integration with the already established and world-leading* analytics platform Microsoft Power BI and the Microsoft Office 365 digital workplace. PAFnow Process Mining takes the insights of process analytics directly to the responsible end-user and allows them direct process optimization in real time via optional additional functionalities (PAFnow Standard and PAFnow Premium Edition).

This is made possible by the more than 100 backend system connectors as well as over 200 data alert action connectors, easily and for every user. PAFnow actions can be used to receive notifications or automatically start workflows in applications when data in Process Mining Dashboards exceeds a specified limit.

PAFnow eliminates the high development and investment costs such as a proof of concept in comparable isolated solutions. While conventional optimization projects can often take up to half a year, PAFnow can usually reduce the time from proof of concept to direct and automated optimization in simple cases to just up to five working days. Even with more complex processes, it usually takes no longer than 30 working days

process optimization in a week timeline
It takes no longer than 30 days!

Fully automated optimization with PAFnow Standard and Premium Edition

PAFnow Process Mining is a so-called Custom Visual and can be found in the Microsoft Power BI Marketplace “Microsoft AppSource”. Alternatively, after registering, the tool is available for download on the PAF website. Users will also find a quick start guide and sample event log data to help them try out the tool.

PAFnow Process Mining is also part of the PAFnow Standard Edition (which is subject to licensing fees). This offers a significantly extended range of functions. This allows users to turn data to insights to actions for data into insights, but actions for increased business value and strong return on investment. For this purpose, the PAFnow Standard Edition offers numerous features that help to smoothly integrate process optimization into workflows and existing applications. These include individual dashboards, detailed reporting, process monitoring with alerts and above all automated process optimization via data alerts and actions, for example through Microsoft Flow and Microsoft PowerApps.

Those real-time automation and optimization features are a significant difference from many other Process Mining solutions. The extended range of functions of the PAFnow Standard Edition also includes, for example, eleven different visualization tools that can be used to analyze processes from a user perspective. In addition, the PAFnow Standard Edition allows an unlimited event log size with any number of events. And there is also the PAFnow Premium Edition. It offers additional features such as Benchmarking, Conformance Checks, Loop and Automation Analyzer. Details about the individual editions can be found here.

Free entry to Process Mining

“With the release of PAFnow Process Mining in Microsoft AppSource, we show once again that we are serious about democratizing Process Mining in the digital workplace. In general, process visualization through Process Mining at this depth is an exclusive part of very specialized, royalty-based solutions for virtually all providers. Often you even have to be a certified data scientist to use them. From now on, every employee in any organization using Microsoft Power BI can use Process Mining free of charge and worldwide for business process analysis and optimization. The PAF also taps millions of Microsoft Power BI users to more than 200,000 companies as potential customers for the PAFnow Standard and Premium Edition,” said Tobias Rother, CEO of PAF.

Further information on the requirements and the use of PAFnow Process Mining can be found in the FAQ. Use cases for the concrete use of PAFnow can be viewed after registration on the website of the PAF.