Process Mining: A Hidden Opportunity for Insurance Companies
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Process Mining: A Hidden Opportunity for Insurance Companies

Digital business processes and their optimization play an ever increasing role in a multitude of industries. The insurance industry is no exception, but faces special challenges. Sensitive customer data, a lack of specialists in the digital field and the question of how process optimization can look in an insurance structure without disrupting the normal course of business are just some of the aspects that need to be considered.

In an interview with “Versicherungsforen Leipzig”, PAF CEO Tobias Rother shows how Process Mining can meet these challenges. What exactly is Process Mining and what can I achieve with it? Where is the greatest optimization potential? What does this mean for insurers and customers? And how do I ensure that sensitive data is protected? All these questions are answered in an interview.

So much for starters: You don’t have to be a digital magician to get started with Process Mining; PAF’s Process Mining Tool is just as easy to use as common Office applications.

Read the whole interview here (only in GER).