Process Analytics Factory receives LOEWE innovation support
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Process Analytics Factory receives LOEWE innovation support

Darmstadt, February 15, 2017 – The Process Analytics Factory (PAF) successfully completes the LOEWE innovation support program, which is sponsored by the state of Hesse. The aim of the 18-month funding project was to develop technologies for the development of meaningful process diagnoses in the shortest possible time. The new PAF Process Mining automation platform achieved a significant reduction in set-up and generation time for process analyses. Especially when processing SAP® data and data from other sources, this platform offers enormous advantages compared to classical explorative Process Mining algorithms.

Process analyses in companies are mainly carried out manually. Identifying inefficiencies and risks in business processes at a reduced level of detail through interviews and workshops is time and cost intensive. The Hessian state government has positively assessed and supported the research project application for the development of technologies for the automation of process analysis within the framework of its nationwide unique research support program “LOEWE Innovationsförderung - Landes-Offensive zur Entwicklung Wissenschaftlich-ökonomischer Exzellenz, Förderlinie 3”. The research project under the leadership of Process Analytics Factory GmbH and in close cooperation with the TU Darmstadt and the company ServiceTrace GmbH had the goal of accelerating the acquisition of knowledge by means of process analytics-based research in large amounts of data. In this research and development project, a new, easy-to-use and immediately operational technology for operative process diagnosis was developed. This result was transferred into an intelligent automation platform for the analysis of business processes, which helps companies to better understand their process structure. It ensures the realization of efficient Process Mining projects and offers a fast data transformation for every Process Mining project and tool. Setup times for data transformation can be reduced from weeks to hours. Complex analysis processes can be greatly accelerated. Up to 80% of time and costs for data transformation can be saved.

Within the framework of LOEWE’s innovation support, it has also been possible to develop an intelligent pre-processing of data that makes it possible to track not only individual but several process objects simultaneously in a process flow. Thus, in contrast to current Process Mining solutions, process cases consisting of several composite objects can be tracked as a single process execution, which allows for a correct extraction of the actual process model without distortions, so that more precise process analyses are possible. In addition, the developed platform also allows the input and automated analysis of process data sources that deviate from the standard.

Comments on LOEWE innovation support

“We are proud to have successfully completed LOEWE’s innovation support, which combines our experience from hundreds of Process Mining customer projects with the research knowledge of the leading miners in Process Mining," says Tobias Rother, Managing Director of the Process Analytics Factory GmbH. “For the business purpose of a digital business model, we now have the ideal foundation to automate consulting processes and digitalize consulting knowledge”.

Prof. Dr. Max Mühlhäuser, project partner for the TU Darmstadt, adds: “On the one hand, the young scientists involved in the project were able to significantly advance the international state of research - both with regard to the use of state-of-the-art machine learning approaches for Process Mining and with regard to special problems such as data pre-processing. On the other hand, they demonstrated the extraordinary ability of researchers to translate IT concepts from the ‘frontline of research’ almost immediately into practical solutions for a still young company."

“The project was an important and forward-looking project for ServiceTrace, which has served us as a basis for further developments in the field of robotic process automation. The achieved results are in our opinion very innovative and will therefore be incorporated into the RPA modules ServiceTrace offers its customers in the coming years”, says Markus Duus, managing director of ServiceTrace GmbH.

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This project (HA project no.: HA 479/15-21) was funded within the framework of Hessen Modell Projekte with funds from “LOEWE - Landes-Offensive zur Entwicklung Wissenschaftlich-ökonomischer Exzellenz”, funding line 3: SME joint projects.

About Process Analytics Factory

The Process Analytics Factory PAF is a performance diagnostics center for business processes and a leader in the field of Operational Process Intelligence. The PAF has a digital DNA and combines expert knowledge from hundreds of Process Mining customer projects with research knowledge of the leading minds in Process Mining, business intelligence and artificial intelligence. PAF is the only provider that has developed and consistently optimized data transformation services for all Process Intelligence and Process BI tools from the Process Mining practice. Intelligent assistants take over the logical linking of operational data from different sources, the calculation of KPIs and operational metrics, as well as their efficient pre-processing. Our data analysts ensure the implementation of successful Process Intelligence projects in the company.

About Darmstadt University of Technology, Section Telecooperation

The Department (Chair) of Telecooperation at the Department of Computer Science of the Technical University Darmstadt is researching under the direction of Prof. Dr. Mühlhäuser on computer support for so-called Smart Spaces. Their scales range from personal virtual assistance environments to team and company areas - including corporate process management - and smart cities to global knowledge spaces. With about 35 employees and about 70 research students, this research field combines several classical research areas: Networked Systems and Knowledge Engineering (Big Data in Big Networks), Human-Computer Interaction (new and immersive interaction technologies, interaction engineering) and computer-based security (resilience, privacy protection, trust assessment). Prof. Mühlhäuser is, among other things, significantly involved in two collaborative research centers and two profile areas of the university and heads a research training group on privacy and trust for mobile users.

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ServiceTrace GmbH ( develops and distributes a software robot that operates applications on the user interface. The “synthetic user” automatically executes sequences of user transactions, e.g. mouse clicks or keyboard input, and thus operates applications in the same way as a human user. It maps every conceivable IT-based business process from the user’s perspective across applications and systems. The GUI method holds a European patent. The software robot from ServiceTrace enables solutions in the areas of test automation, end-to-end monitoring and business process automation. The solution portfolio aims at quality assurance of business critical applications and automation of routine processes. Customers benefit from high IT quality at low IT costs. The “virtual user” universally serves all commercial and self-developed applications, both in PC and terminal environments. They are operating A graphical procedure for creating and adapting testing, monitoring and automation projects makes scripting knowledge obsolete and operation particularly easy. ServiceTrace GmbH addresses large companies across all industries with IT-based business processes. Our customers include global and municipal outsourcers/IT service providers, banks, insurance companies and the manufacturing industry