Process Mining Vendor PAF Launches Global Partner Program
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Process Mining Vendor PAF Launches Global Partner Program

Darmstadt, October 1, 2020 - The Process Analytics Factory (PAF), a Process Mining vendor from Darmstadt, Germany, is launching a new partner program around the Process Mining software PAFnow, which is integrated in Microsoft Power BI. The new program is primarily aimed at companies that support their customers in process visualization and optimization with Power BI and Data Analysis. The program ensures knowledge transfer and supports partners in assuming their expert role. In this way, companies can accelerate the digitization projects of their customers and realize new business models and additional revenues. With the new program, PAF is now also taking global growth at partner level into account. Most recently, PAF has expanded in Europe and worldwide, particularly on the North American continent. PAF was able to win Deborah Korb as Partner Manager, who will be responsible for the global partner business as Head of Strategic Alliances with immediate effect.

Project, service and implementation partners such as PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), Ernst & Young, Rödl & Partner or bc-competence make a central contribution to the growth of the Process Analytics Factory, founded in 2014, which was the first provider to integrate its Process Mining Tool PAFnow into Microsoft Power BI, the leading platform for Business Intelligence according to Gartner.

The current growth of PAF has led, among other things, to the establishment of a US office. In light of this growth, PAF has launched a new partner program that provides a central point of contact for both local and global consulting and IT companies focusing on Power BI and Data Analysis. In line with the company motto “Discover the Power of Knowledge”, the program focuses on continuous learning. This enables the partners to play an even better role as experts in the use of PAFnow through regular training and the use of partner licenses.

As PAF partners, they can also actively drive the digital transformation of their customers and, thanks to the immediate visualization and optimization of almost any actual process, ensure the development of new business models. The role as a PAF partner thus offers the participating companies the opportunity to generate additional revenues through corresponding projects, services, and customer loyalty.

The Business Intelligence specialist ORAYLIS is one of the first participants in the new partner program. As Big Data, AI and Analytics expert ORAYLIS implements innovative data solutions based on modern Microsoft architectures for its customers. Carsten Müller, CSO at ORAYLIS, sees the partnership as a strategic decision for the company’s own growth: “We were already considering Process Mining for quite some time. However, we wanted to approach the topic with the right partner - someone who understands process optimization as an integral part of a BI environment and especially the Microsoft world around Power BI & Co. As a ‘Managed Microsoft Partner’ we are an excellent partner in this area. The new partner program also responds even better to our needs as an implementation partner and gives us the opportunity to work together with PAF to increase awareness of Process Mining in our target market and to implement comprehensive solutions for our customers. With the PAFnow team and Deborah Korb as an experienced partner manager it is a pleasure to create progress together”.

Deborah Korb becomes partner manager

Deborah Korb, who has been supporting PAF as Head of Strategic Alliances since July 2020, will be responsible for the global focus and management of the program with immediate effect. She is responsible for the partner strategy and the partner business as well as for the management of global strategic alliances. Deborah Korb has more than ten years of international experience in the IT sector, both on the provider and the partner side. Deborah Korb also has international interests in her private life: As a big fan of Cuba she loves diving and with Salsa - very fittingly - an extraordinary, modern partner dance.

Deborah Korb
Deborah Korb, Head of Strategic Alliance, is responsible for the global partner program of PAF

“With its outstanding Process Mining tool, its growth potential and its modern, people-oriented corporate culture, PAF is exactly the right place for me”, Deborah Korb explains her joining of PAF. “With the new partner program we offer the PAFnow ecosystem a suitable framework and the attention it deserves. After all, a lively, diversified partner ecosystem is essential for the further growth of PAF. This includes close cooperation, joint sales and distribution as well as in-depth onboarding and continuous training”, Deborah Korb continues.

Tobias Rother
Tobias Rother, CEO der Process Analytics Factory (Bild: HA Hessen Agentur GmbH - Jan Michael Hosan)
“With Deborah Korb, we can now take the next global growth steps in the partner area. I am very grateful that we have found such an experienced partner manager in her, who knows both the provider and the partner side. Her work is of central value for the entire organizational development”, says Tobias Rother, CEO and founder of PAF.

Development of service offerings with partners

In the past, PAFnow has established itself as the preferred solution for numerous consulting firms. PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) and PAF have worked together to develop innovative digital business models based on Process Mining techniques. In the ProMaaS offering (Process Mining as a Service), existing methods are further developed for user companies in such a way that they can use Process Mining technologies easily and conveniently as part of a managed service to achieve a continuous improvement process.

More and more PAF partners integrate the process analysis and diagnostic findings gained with PAFnow into corresponding service offers for their customers, for example for pay-per-use payment models. In addition, the Dutch company Mavim has decided to include PAFnow in the OEM portfolio of the digital twin software provider. With the launch of the new partner program, PAF expects additional cooperation and projects with consulting companies.