PAF globalizes and democratizes Process Mining free of charge for all Microsoft Power BI Users
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PAF globalizes and democratizes Process Mining free of charge for all Microsoft Power BI Users

  • PAFnow Process Mining provides free entry into process visualization and analysis
  • Custom Visual for the Visual Gallery of Microsoft Power BI in Microsoft Office 365
  • PAF mark the beginning of Process Mining Democratization at all digital workplaces

Darmstadt, March 28, 2019 – All Microsoft Power BI users worldwide can now use the Process Analytics Factory (PAF) plug-in PAFnow Process Mining, a fully functional process visualization and analysis tool free of charge. Prerequisite is a free license for Microsoft Power BI Desktop, event data from legacy systems such as SAP®, Salesforce or Excel and the installation of PAFnow Process Mining as a ‘Custom Visual’ in Microsoft Power BI. For the first time, process-mining functionality is available free of charge to all users of the world’s leading business intelligence platform with over 200.000 corporate customers.

Visualization of any business processes

PAFnow Process Mining analyzes the corresponding event data and displays their sequential series as well as their interaction in a graphic and thus easily understandable form of a process flow. As a result, weak points and areas of improvement can be precisely identified in any business process –without previous knowledge or data science expertise. In addition, key KPIs such as lead times or the number of process variants for important processes can be automatically visualized with powerful PAFnow Process Mining reports and dashboards. A large number of process variants, for example, is an indication of low standardization and inefficient processes.

Free entry into Process Mining

PAFnow Process Mining is a so-called ‘Custom Visual’ for Microsoft Power BI and is available in Microsoft AppSource for download. More infos and the documentation can be found on the PAF portal after registration:

Users will also find a quick start guide and sample event log data to help them try out the tool.

“This is a big step in making Process Mining available for everyone and an important ‘democratization boost’ in the digital workplace. So far process visualization by Process Mining at this depth has been a part of exclusive licensing solutions from almost all vendors and reserved for a few data scientists. From now on, every employee in every company using Microsoft Power BI will be able to use Process Mining at no cost worldwide to analyze and optimize their business processes," says Tobias Rother, CEO of PAF.

Fully automated optimization with PAFnow Standard Edition

In addition, PAFnow Process Mining is part of the licensed PAFnow product range. It offers an extended range of unique features, such as unlimited event log data, ten different forms of visualization, numerous out-of-the-box Process Mining dashboards, detailed reporting, process monitoring and data alerts, automatically triggering meaningful actions from insights in dozens of popular apps. This real-time automation feature, enabling users to analyze, act and automate on data is a key difference to many comparable solutions that use process-mining techniques.

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Process Tree in PAFnow Process Mining: The plugin visualizes processes and helps to uncover weak points and optimization potentials