PAF concludes Process Mining promotion project with very good
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PAF concludes Process Mining promotion project with “very good”

Darmstadt, April 1, 2017 – Now it’s official - we were able to complete the Loewe 3 Process Mining development project with the top rating of “very good”. Together with the final report, the evaluation focused on points such as the degree of goal achievement, efficiency, exploitation possibilities, transferability, scientific work, research results, market launch and general project management.

“Our thanks go to the team that really did a great job," said Tobias Rother. “The topic has been our great passion for 8 years and I am very proud that we were able to demonstrate our technological leadership in a Process Mining funding project”.

Full marks were also awarded for the point of exploitation possibilities and market launch. What does that mean in concrete terms? You will find out in a week’s time today - stay tuned.

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