Process Analytics Factory announces PAFnow Premium Edition for OpEx
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Process Analytics Factory announces PAFnow Premium Edition for OpEx (Operational Excellence)

Webinar to showcase all new highlights for continuous process improvement on 3 December 2020

Darmstadt (Germany)/ Ann Arbor (MI), November 17, 2020 - The Process Analytics (PAF) leading vendor for Process Mining software in Power BI today announced a new PAFnow PREMIUM Edition for OpEx (Operational Excellence). The specialized edition is designed specifically to aid in house consultants and Operational Excellence teams to ensure continuous improvement and fast process insights. The PAF will present the new edition and its key features in an accompanying webinar on 3 December.

“Excellence cannot wait! But fixing a process problem still takes too long," says Tobias Rother, Founder and CEO of PAF. “Interviews and workshops take weeks of time to get a very rough idea of a process, but companies have difficulties to identify and eliminate waste to cut costs and improve efficiency. In-house consultants face challenges in showing and visually explaining broken processes to the right people."

The PAFnow OpEx Edition uses data from operational business to automatically learn and visualize as-is processes. Companies understand what´s really going on in their business and can pinpoint every hurdle, obstacle, and opportunity to optimize a process.

The prebuilt specialized Process Mining dashboards help consultants to identify loops, measure the process performance, monitor the progress and success of improvement measures, standardize processes, or even to achieve improved right-first-time ratios

All PAFnow Editions are embedded into Microsoft Power BI, which means, companies get the combined power of Process Mining, Artificial Intelligence and Business Intelligence right within their Microsoft Power Platform infrastructure. On top of more than 200 source connectors and 300 action connectors to really get the best out of their systems, companies solve two more typical OpEx problem:

“Traditional BI tools are not centered on processes, but on KPIs, only," explains Jason Wickman, EVP of North American Operations at PAF. “With the PAFnow OpEx Edition companies gain fact based and process centric diagnoses that help them to find those factors that are really hindering the top-level performance."

“It is very important for companies to involve their employees in their OpEx efforts. Operational Excellence has expanded from the manufacturing sector, where Lean or Six Sigma principles have been known since the 1980s, to the public sector and the financial sector, and many companies have begun to consider adopting OpEx strategies in the wake of the pandemic. For them, the PAFnow OpEx Edition makes it much easier to get started. Both in terms of process analysis and in the communication and exchange of results within the company. Due to the embedding in the Microsoft environment, the relevant findings can easily be shared with every employee who needs to be involved to achieve continuous improvement. And it’s also easy to collaborate on improvement measures. The Process Mining insights can simply be embedded into collaboration applications that are already used in a company, such as Microsoft 365, Slack, Asana, Trello, Sharepoint or Teams," Tobias Rother adds.

The PAF will present the new PAFnow OpEx Edition in a live webinar on 3 December. To learn how PAFnow helps companies to continuously improve their processes for lower operational risk, lower operating costs, and increased revenues, and to see the new dashboards and features in action interested parties should register in advance .