Process Analytics Factory announces PAFnow Premium Edition for BPM
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Process Analytics Factory announces PAFnow Premium Edition for BPM

Webinar to present all new highlights for increasing process excellence on 19 November 2020

Darmstadt (Germany)/ Ann Arbor (MI), November 3 2020 - The Process Analytics (PAF) leading vendor for Process Mining software in Power BI today announced a new PAFnow Edition for BPM (Business Process Management). The specialized edition is designed specifically to aid BPM consultants and support organizations in cross-organizational process improvement projects. In an accompanying webinar on 19 November, the PAF will introduce the new edition and show the key functions of the new BPM dashboards.

“Based on my own experience in working with BPM for years, I can confidently say that we created a tool that I would have loved to work with because it’s so powerful. Traditional methods to measure, analyze or model processes require a lot of money and time but are ineffective in uncovering both the true improvement potential of business processes and the root causes behind problems. But for businesses it is crucial to identify efficiency and savings potentials in their processes. The PAFnow BPM Edition finally provides the missing link between BPM and Business Intelligence as it uses existing data to generate insights. It takes guessing out of any stage of the process analysis and enables truly continuous improvement,” says Tobias Rother, Founder and CEO of PAF.

PAFnow Process Mining automatically learns and visualizes process models from data so that businesses can look at their actual process and evaluate what needs to be improved or can find potential issues as – or even before- they happen.

The PAFnow BPM Edition adds specialized BPM dashboards on top of PAFnow’s classical Process Mining report. The new dashboards are designed to truly understand any business process, benchmark different processes or process improvement, find conformance violations, define best practices, and monitor the impact and progress of improvement measures. On top, they even include value stream mapping functions.

“The PAFnow BPM Edition is the Swiss knife in the tool-box of any BPM consultant as it truly supports all aspects of process optimization, harmonization and even automation,” says Jason Wickman, EVP of North American Operations at PAF. “The different functions and dashboards help to close the gaps in the BPM lifecycle, for example through the comparison of accurate as-is processes with ideal reference models. Standardization, and optimization of business processes, even those that are highly specific to a company, become much easier, as the benchmarking tool helps to establish best practice business processes and also makes it easy to track the actual adoption of changes within the business process.”

All PAFnow versions are embedded into Microsoft Power BI so that companies can directly use Process Mining within their existing Microsoft infrastructure. Users benefit from over 300 action connectors and more than 200 source connectors so there is no difficulty in getting the data from the BPM system into PAFnow and from there to the right people in the company.

The PAF will present the new PAFnow BPM Edition in a live webinar on 19 November. To learn how PAFnow links Process Mining to BPM and BI, see the new dashboards and features in action and find out how to achieve continuous improvement interested parties should register in advance .