Operational Insights: new PAFnow version places real business transactions in the center of real-time process optimization
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Operational Insights: new PAFnow version places real business transactions in the center of real-time process optimization

Darmstadt, September 3, 2020 - The Process Analytics Factory (PAF), a Process Mining start-up from Darmstadt, Germany, places real-time business transactions at the center of its Process Mining software in Microsoft Power BI with the “PAFnow Summer Update 2020”. In terms of “Operational Insights”, processes can be visualized and improved directly at runtime. For the first time, swimlanes are also available in a Process Mining tool as part of a new Case Viewer product generation. In this way, organizational relationships and any violations of responsibilities become visible automatically. The update also includes a new drag-and-drop Event Filter as well as a new, fully data-driven Conformance Check, which does not require manual modeling and adaptation of target process models (explanation video for Event Filter, Case Viewer and Swimlanes on YouTube). In addition, various PAFnow PREMIUM edition models will be available in the future. The first one is the PAFnow PREMIUM Edition Model for Internal Audit, which will be presented with the new release. It enables audit departments to gain a complete insight into the actual processes of all company divisions and thus maximizes the effectiveness of the audit of controls in business processes. The Summer Update also offers new ready-made content and value packs for INFOR and SAP® users. In a webinar on September 29, 2020, PAF will present all innovations of the PAFnow Summer Update 2020 in detail. Interested parties can register for the webinar free of charge on the event website.

Within the scope of the PAFnow Summer Update 2020, PAF integrates best practice experiences as well as requirements on design and functional scope based on extensive customer projects of the past months. With a focus on operational insights, a solution is now available with which business processes can be improved directly at runtime - even more easily and comprehensively than before. PAFnow analyzes operational data from running business processes and visualizes them - role-based and interactive - in Process Mining dashboards. This enables all employees involved in the process not only to get an overview of the status of the relevant processes in real time, but also to initiate immediate actions for process optimization if required.

Tobias Rother, CEO and founder of PAF, sees a paradigm shift in the focus on real business transactions: “Many companies concentrate on the process flow as a whole. Ultimately, efficiency lies primarily in the timely execution of individual tasks in the process flow. Of what use is a perfectly designed target process if the actual processes are at fault? And even more: Why not immediately transfer the findings into direct optimization actions? More than 300 action connectors of our solution integrated in Microsoft Power Platform make this possible right out of the box”.

Identify rule violations easily and accurately

With the PAFnow Summer Update 2020, PAF not only offers a special PREMIUM Edition model for Internal Audit, but also a whole range of integrated functions that significantly simplify the detection of violations of rules and responsibilities. Among other things, the new Event Filter with drag-and-drop filtering of activities within the Conformance Check ensures this. It is now possible to create a process graph from any number of activities as an individual filter. Users can define whether activities have to follow directly after each other or whether any number of further steps can be executed between the selected activities. Thus, an easily created target model (based on the selected desired actual variants) can be used to quickly and efficiently find variants in which gross violations occur in the process flow. This creates an optimal basis for a conformance check, which is now completely data driven. Thus PAFnow now offers a solution that does not require manual modeling and adaptation of target process models. Users simply build their target processes from their actual data.

Swimlanes visualize organizational dependencies

PAFnow’s Case Viewer has also received a new design, is even more customizable and enables a more detailed presentation of the case processing with regard to violations of responsibilities. This is ensured by the swimlanes introduced by PAF as the first Process Mining provider, which are already known from other applications - for example from the process management area. The automatic assignment of business transactions to the responsible resources allows organizational relationships to be quickly and clearly recorded. This is especially true for complex processes that are carried out across departments or divisions, as responsibilities are clearly assigned: Who is involved in a process step, when and how long? Using the process graphics displayed, it is particularly easy to subsequently determine optimization potential in terms of responsibilities and processes.

Case Viewer with swimlanes
The new visualization via swimlanes reveals organizational dependencies.

Customized content and value packs for INFOR and SAP® customers

Pre-packaged value and content packs have established themselves as project accelerators in PAFnow. With the Summer-Update 2020 PAFnow now offers a total of six new packs. For INFOR users, these are packs for Purchase-to-Pay, Order-to-Cash and Lead-to-Order processes. SAP® customers benefit from new packs for On-Time-Delivery/ Operational Excellence, Inventory Management and Cash Flow Forecasting.

High performance improvement in front and back end

In addition to an improved user interface and the optimized and extended functions, the PAFnow Summer Update 2020 also offers a significant performance improvement. The front-end performance has been increased by a factor of 50 and the back-end performance has been increased by a factor of 10 with accelerated data transformation. PAFnow currently supports Microsoft SQL servers as well as SAP® HANA, Oracle, Snowflake, Exasol and IBM DB2. The PAFnow-Companion simplifies the integration of different source systems and makes PAFnow as a platform-agnostic system an optimal solution for the analysis of end-to-end processes.

What is PAFnow?

PAFnow is a Process Mining application completely integrated in Microsoft Power BI and Microsoft 365 for the analysis, visualization, and optimization of almost any process. This gives PAF a unique selling point and a clear competitive advantage: “Most companies are not aware that with established BI platforms such as Microsoft Power BI and Office365 they are already in a position to provide the responsible employees with process knowledge from data automatically. An additional proprietary solution for Process Mining usually causes more effort for the first time, creates acceptance problems among users and leads to a delayed or even unattainable return on investment”, explains PAF CEO Tobias Rother.

With PAFnow, however, these problems don’t even emerge in the first place: “In our experience, the use of a Process Mining application within an existing platform reduces the time and effort from the start of operations to the process analysis to the establishment in the specialist departments by up to 95 % compared to proprietary Process Mining tools. With PAFnow it usually takes less than a week to directly optimize business processes”, says Tobias Rother about the practical application of PAFnow.