Mavim and PAF announce strategic partnership: Calling all Power BI & Visio Users!
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Mavim and PAF announce strategic partnership: Calling all Power BI & Visio Users!

Darmstadt/Amsterdam, February 12, 2020 - Today Mavim and PAF (Process Analytics Factory) announce a strategic partnership. Together, Mavim & PAF will empower customers to be able to mine, design, and improve their business processes — all while making (re)use of their existing Microsoft products, including Visio, Power BI, and the Microsoft Power Platform. Tobias Rother, CEO of PAF had this to say about the new partnership: “PAF is very excited to join forces with MAVIM. While PAF lets companies understand their processes properly, MAVIM helps companies communicate processes across their organization. By combining the capabilities of displaying a full overview of the processes and creating a digital twin, this combination guarantees success! This partnership will help our customers to discover the power of knowledge on a whole new level."

The Power of Mavim & PAF

The ability to visualize an organization’s processes (and all existing variations) based on an event log is the game changer that we’ve been waiting for. No longer is it necessary for consultants to hold lengthy and expensive interviews to get one view of how processes run! This can be visualized immediately to create a foundation upon which fact-based discussions can be held – all from within Microsoft Power BI!

But Process Mining alone can’t account for all processes and process steps that make up an organization’s operating model. In most industries, humans still play a very important part in core processes. Additionally, Process Mining alone won’t be able to give information about what should have happened; Process Mining just shows you what did happen. To understand the context within which a given process happened, you need to be able to design your target operating model, including risks, roles & responsibilities, related applications & infrastructure, as well as connection to strategy by way of process specific KPIs. Together, the operational context and drill down into the live data form a Digital Twin of an Organization – a marketplace in which Mavim is a leading vendor. (Read the Market Guide for DTO technology here)

The Microsoft Based DTO

Customers will experience the combined value of Mavim & PAF in Mavim’s product promise to empower customers to Mine, Design, and Improve their business processes.

  • Mine: Visualize your processes automatically in Microsoft Power BI, based on data from your transactional systems.
  • Design: Explain the flow of work across the organization to business users by using PowerPoint like visuals created in Microsoft Visio.
  • Improve: Mobilize your organization to change by visualizing and communicating the current way of working versus the desired way of working in Microsoft Office 365.

The combination of Mavim & PAF promises radically enhanced efficiency, reduction of operational risks, improved customer journey touchpoints, and increased productivity. Mavim’s Chief Product Officer, Wouter Jan de Baan, had this to say about the new partnership, “With PAFnow, Mavim is now the only DTO vendor on the market who can claim to offer this technology based purely on Microsoft. We combine Azure, D365 integrations, Power Platform, Visio Online, O365 and Power BI in the Mavim Intelligent Transformation platform, which makes it simple for our customers to adopt & deploy."

On the Roadmap

In addition to the current functionality that is available today, Mavim is working hard to make it possible to Mine Design & Execute business processes. In the coming months, it will be possible for Mavim customers to mine their way of working for fact-based analysis, design their to-be process, and automate that process in one click of a button thanks to the integration with the Microsoft Power Platform.