PAFnow Fall Update 2021
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PAFnow Fall Update 2021

Simplified Visual Updates, Export of Process Models and ENTERPRISE Upgrade for the Free PAFnow Process Mining Visual

Darmstadt, Ann Arbor (Michigan, USA), November 04, 2021 - The Process Analytics Factory (PAF), a leading Process Mining vendor from Darmstadt, Germany, introduces the latest innovations around the Process Mining solution integrated in Microsoft Power BI with the “PAFnow Fall Update 2021”. From now on, all Process Mining Custom Visuals in Power BI can be conveniently updated or previous versions restored with just one click via the PAFnow Companion - an absolute innovation in the Power BI environment. In addition, there is now a new version of the free “PAFnow Process Mining Visual”. In the future, this will not only enable the use of the PAFnow ENTERPRISE Edition via an in-app upgrade, but will also offer a significantly more extensive range of functions for the PAFnow Process Mining Visual. Another innovation is the download of the underlying process models in the internationally established ISO standard “BPMN” for use in other applications. The PAFnow user interface also gets a new, more intuitive look with better understandable icons. Another new feature is the ability to calculate extremely fast-running processes with lead times at the nanosecond level. Last but not least, the Leadtime Calculator offers significantly accelerated performance.

Due to technical conditions in Power BI, updates of any custom visuals have so far been extremely time-consuming by means of individual downloads and a manual import. For the update of custom visuals from PAFnow, this lengthy procedure is now a thing of the past. By handling the updates via the PAFnow Companion - which was so far already responsible for the data transformation as well as the rights and license management - all custom visuals of PAFnow can now be updated with just one click and are immediately available to all users in Power BI. Returning to previous versions is also possible in this way in the blink of an eye. In addition, the associated reports can also be updated with just one click on the basis of the new custom visuals.

easy updates within pafnow companion
With just one click, PAFnow Companion now updates all custom visuals and reports in Power BI.

ENTERPRISE upgrade for users of the free visual

To date, the free PAFnow Process Mining Custom Visual has been downloaded thousands of times and provides companies with a quick as well as easy entry into the visualization of processes. The new version now offers the possibility of an upgrade to the PAFnow ENTERPRISE Edition for which a license is required. In addition to the extensive functions of the ENTERPRISE Edition, this user group now also benefits from numerous far-reaching analysis and visualization functions for the PAFnow Process Mining Visual. These include, for example, an increase in the number of underlying process events, the conformance check for the comparison of actual and target processes, as well as the legend function, which enables, for example, the direct comparison of process variants through color highlighting.

Using PAFnow process models in external applications

process models in pafnow process mining for power bi
From now on, process models in BPMN format can be exported from PAFnow.

BPMN (Business Process Model and Notation) is a graphical language that can be used to correctly map business processes in process management from both a business and IT perspective. PAFnow now enables the export of the process models used in this established ISO standard. This makes the models available to the process management of companies for further processing in any BPMN-compliant applications. The export option increases the flexibility and compatibility of PAFnow for company-wide process analysis and optimization.

Intuitive icons and process analysis based on nanoseconds

new pafnow icons
The new icons in PAFnow provide better orientation to users.

PAFnow’s icons are now much more intuitive. This means that users can find the relevant function from the icon more quickly than before. The improved orientation ensures accelerated and error-reduced work. The current PAFnow version also enables analysis of lead times at the nanosecond level. This is particularly important for areas of application where processes run in fractions of a second. This means that process visualization and analysis via PAFnow is now available to a wider range of users. With a revolutionary algorithm, PAFnow will also offer an enormous performance improvement in the calculation of lead times in the future.

Tobias Rother, CEO and founder of PAF, said on the occasion of the fall update: “We have made many things a lot easier. The update of the custom visuals with just one click really means a huge time-saver for the main users of PAFnow. And with the upgrade option as well as the export of process models, we are following the principle that has characterized PAF from the beginning: The democratization of Process Mining. The upgrade of the free visual enables a significantly larger user group to carry out extensive transformation and optimization projects. In turn, the export function for the process models opens the door further in the direction of business process management and thus significantly beyond Power BI and analytics applications."