New Chief Scientist Dr. Alexander Seeliger
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PAF appoints Dr. Alexander Seeliger as Chief Scientist

Darmstadt, Ann Arbor (Michigan, USA), March 03, 2021 - The Process Analytics Factory (PAF), a leading Process Mining provider based in Darmstadt, Germany, has appointed Dr. Alexander Seeliger as Chief Scientist. In this role, Dr. Seeliger will lead the Research & Innovation division at PAF in the future. His tasks include the evaluation of complementary technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), RPA and Machine Learning (ML) and their integration into Process Mining. One focus of his work is the automation of analysis and optimization processes via AI and ML in PAFnow. Dr. Seeliger received his doctorate from the Technical University of Darmstadt on the topic of “Intelligent Computer-assisted Process Mining” and most recently worked as a research assistant and lecturer at the Telecooperation Chair of the Computer Science Department there.

“I could not think of a better candidate for the position of Chief Scientist at PAF," commented PAF CEO Tobias Rother on Dr. Seeliger’s appointment. “He has already significantly supported us in the fundamental development of PAFnow in 2015, played a key role in our Process Mining research project PASAP, and at the same time was involved in customer projects as a Process Analyst. He forms the perfect bridge between research and practice and will raise PAFnow to a completely new level in the future," Tobias Rother continues.

The previous research and development work of the computer scientist from Bad Hersfeld is primarily dedicated to the comprehensive automation of process analysis and optimization: “Process Mining is the perfect method for visualizing actual processes with all their variants and gaining valuable insights from them. My research is about automating the exploratory part of the analysis, i.e. the visual search for value-adding insights in processes, in the same way as the visualization itself. Increasingly large and complex processes make manual analysis more and more time-consuming, which is why I have focused my research on recommender systems that provide promising clues for the analyst in an automated way. I am really excited to contribute my many years of research and practical experience to the leading Process Mining provider integrated in Microsoft Power BI," said Dr. Seeliger upon joining PAF.
portrait of dr. alexander seeliger
Dr. Alexander Seeliger, new Chief Scientist at PAF

With the recently released PAFnow Enterprise Editions around topics such as Audit & Compliance, Business Process Management (BPM), Operational Excellence and Robotic Process Automation (RPA), PAF has already taken significant steps towards AI- and ML-powered analysis and optimization. PAFnow Enterprise Editions are pre-structured best practices of PAFnow Process Mining that are tailored to the specific needs of respective users, accelerating the use of PAFnow across all end-to-end processes.

In the future, Dr. Seeliger’s expertise will enable PAFnow to provide users with insights that go far beyond the visual exploration of data. This will make process analysis much more efficient, value-adding and comprehensive. “Via Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, completely new cross-connections and interactions can be found in the data. Process Mining has taken process analysis from tedious interviews and manual analysis to a whole new level years ago. With PAFnow, we are now on the verge of reaching another milestone. This is my vision and goal for the coming years," Dr. Seeliger states further.

In his private life, Dr. Seeliger is also an enthusiast of all things relating to technology, well beyond the IT sector. He finds a balance to his office work in badminton: “The speed of the game simply thrills me. You have to react intuitively to beat your opponent, and at the same time you can’t do that without a certain strategy running in the background," says Dr. Seeliger.