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BMBF Government funding for PAF on combining Blockchain and Process Mining Technologies

Darmstadt, February 5, 2018 Process Analytics Factory GmbH (PAF) receives significant funding from the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) for its participation in the development of a novel ProcessChain platform. The joint project, which is funded with almost 1 million euros, is being carried out under the leadership of Mansystems Deutschland GmbH and together with the German Research Institute for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) and brainbot technologies AG. The innovation project with a duration of 24 months started on 01.02.2018.

Among other things, the ProcessChain solution is intended to enable digital and forgery-proof transmission of process data so that companies can easily exchange data across software and between different companies.

Digitalization and networking of all business processes have been stable trends for years, affecting not only internal but also, more recently, especially cross-company processes. Blockchain technologies enable a publicly accessible digital directory that is forgery-proof and independent of a central, trustworthy authority. In the project ProcessChain, the possibilities and consequences of this technology for the monitoring of cross-company business processes in particular are to be tested in practice.

The coordinator of the research project Dr. Josef Burgard from Mansystems Deutschland GmbH comments on the start as follows:

“We are looking forward to the start of the new funding project in the field of “Smart Contracts”. Thanks to the support of the BMBF and our project partners, we want to enable counterfeit-proof decentralized process execution and documentation and thus bring our customers a big step closer to digital transformation in the company”.

The team members of the projectgroup
From left to right: Prof. Dr. Christoph Sorge (Saarland University/CISPA), Prof. Dr. Peter Loos (DFKI), Dr. Josef Burgard (Mansystems), Prof. Dr. Peter Fettke (DFKI), Philipp Bur (Mansystems), Oliver Bünting (brainbot Technologies), Filip Benjamin Fatz (DFKI), Luis Bezzenberger (brainbot Technologies), Boris Cordes (Process Analytics Factory), Kevin Shenavai (Process Analytics Factory), Dirk Günther (DLR)

The interest of the Process Analytics Factory in this project is the possibility of using block chain based technologies as a foundation for the next generation of Process Mining applications. Customers would soon be able to analyze cross-company processes securely, confidentially and seamlessly. To this end, the digital core of the process analytics software PAFnow is to be expanded for access to the ProcessChain and offered as a cloud service in the future.

“The ProcessChain funding project will enable us to further expand our innovation leadership in the process analytics market," said Boris Cordes, Executive VP & CBDO of PAF. “This makes PAF the first vendor in the market to understand and implement block chain technologies as the next generation of Process Mining event logs. Our practice partners and customers already confirm the great potential of this approach, especially with increasingly complex supplier relationships and such critical aspects as material compliance”.

“In ProcessChain, the core idea of Blockchain technology is to be transferred to new areas of application. Not only companies benefit from transparent inter-company processes," says Prof. Peter Fettke, head of the BPM research group at DFKI. “Value-added tax, import and export processes are exemplary application areas in which public authorities can also increase their efficiency through transparency, especially in the area of auditing”.

About Process Analytics Factory

The Process Analytics Factory PAF is a performance diagnostics center for business processes and a leader in the field of Operational Process Intelligence. The PAF has a digital DNA and combines expert knowledge from hundreds of Process Mining customer projects with research knowledge of the leading minds in Process Mining, business intelligence and artificial intelligence. PAF is the only provider that has developed and consistently optimized data transformation services for all Process Intelligence and Process BI tools from the Process Mining practice. Intelligent assistants take over the logical linking of operational data from different sources, the calculation of KPIs and operational metrics, as well as their efficient pre-processing. Our data analysts ensure the implementation of successful Process Intelligence projects in the company.

About Mansystems

As a software company, Mansystems has been offering IT solutions for more than 27 years, regardless of industry. In addition to highly qualified consulting and support, Mansystems offers complete solutions for the digital transformation of its customers as well as specialized integration solutions for the connection to backend systems. Mansystems is a long-standing partner of SAP®, Mendix and BMC and an expert for the development of individual software solutions on these cloud platforms.

The SAP® Rapid Application Platform and the Mendix High Productivity Platform enable easy and fast development of agile solutions for companies in any cloud architecture.

About brainbot technologies

brainbot technologies AG is a software company dedicated to the development of blockchain technology.

Originally founded as a technology company for machine learning, brainbot has 15 years of experience in the development of scalable distributed applications. We are a fast growing, internationally distributed team with headquarters in Mainz, Germany.

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