Migrate or Upgrade?

Migrate or Upgrade?

Switching from proprietary Process Mining platforms to flexible Process Mining tools!

In the past few years, proprietary Process Mining tools and platforms have emerged, which have sold like hot cakes on the market. This enabled companies to gain their first practical experiences in using Process Mining tools. In the vast majority of cases, users confirm that these tools greatly reduce the time and effort required to analyze operational processes and identify optimization potential based on facts.

However, more and more often companies are looking for alternatives to those proprietary Process Mining tools, as they run into limitations and problems while using them. Compatibility, flexibility, and interoperability of Process Mining capabilities play a critical role in terms of a TCO consideration of platforms suitable for Process Mining.

Join this webinar to understand:

  • How to avoid limitations of proprietary Process Mining tools
  • What a truly flexible Process Mining tool looks like
  • That Process Mining in Power BI guarantees RoI and lowers TCO


Tobias Rother Founder & CEO
Tobias Rother, Founder & CEO of PAF
He has more than 20 years of experience in the field of process optimization. He is a recognized thought leader in democratizing and globalizing Process Mining through Power BI and to everyone.

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