Baseball's Data Revolution - Lessons for Internal Audit

Baseball’s Data Revolution

Lessons for Internal Audit

Data analytics often proves a tough concept for people to grasp. However, one sport has helped many people understand the power behind interpreting large sets of information: Major League Baseball.

Since the early 90’s data has had an huge impact on baseball and has transformed the league, all the way from player selection during the offseason to defensive positioning within each inning of a single game.

But how can we transfer this to useable knowledge in business areas like internal audit?

In this live webcast with Brian Mensink (KPMG US) and Daniel Hughes (PAFnow) you will receive insights on how to use the baseball sabermetrics approach in the strategy of your internal audit processes and how to support this with Process Mining.


  • What is Process Mining and what can it do for you
  • 5 things we can learn from baseball data analytics
  • Panel discussion with the speakers
  • Q & A Session


Partner at KPMG USA
Brian Mensink, Partner at KPMG USA
Brian has 25 years of experience working in both KPMG’s internal and external audit practices. Brian brings a well-reasoned, practical approach assisting his clients deploying data and analytics tools to drive enhanced efficiency and effectiveness. Brian is currently leading an initiative to leverage advanced data and analytics tools such as process mining to “reimagine” internal audit and Sarbanes-Oxley compliance activities.

Daniel Hughes Director at PAF
Daniel Hughes, Director - North American Go To Market of PAF
Daniel Hughes has 20 years of experience helping companies select enterprise software technologies. He focuses on helping companies overcome process challenges by applying cutting edge technology to the problem. His background includes software companies focused on BI & analytics, AI & ML, BPM & workflow, intelligent automation, and most recently Process Mining. He has helped companies dissect and automate processes from procure to pay, to mortgage origination, to hire to retire, and customer journey. Daniel earned a degree in Information Systems from Baylor University.

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