Process Mining and Internal Audit

AUDIT Edition

Why does Audit need Process Mining?

The role of Internal Audit is to provide independent assurance that an organisation’s risk management, governance and internal controls are running effectively. Do target models match the actual state? Are there areas for improvement? Are there gaps in procedures or policies? Are the compliance objectives being met? These are exactly the questions the internal audit department deals with. With Process Mining, companies can improve their audit performance in terms of time, quality and accuracy.

The PAFnow AUDIT Edition supports you to prepare for audits effectively and efficiently!

Internal Audit takes weeks of labor intensive exploration.

Due to the lack of facts it is very tedious to identify abnormalities and exceptional behavior in business processes. Traditional Audit tools are centered on sample data testing instead of full population process data testing, which makes finding risks equivalent to looking for a needle in a haystack.

The PAFnow AUDIT Edition lets auditors gain 100 percent transparency by using 100 percent of cases.

PAFnow Audit Dashboard

Hit a Bullseye every time with the PAFnow AUDIT Edition

PAFnow AUDIT Dashboard

Maximized Control Effectiveness with the
PAFnow AUDIT Edition

The built-in best practice dashboards allow you to detect process problems that usually stay invisible through interviews, workshops and walkthroughs.

Spot process exception and unusual transactions to uncover fraud and potential risk through visualization.

How the PAFnow AUDIT Edition can help you

Find exactly what you are looking for.

Icon Hit rates

Higher hit rates

Reduce your Audit efforts and improve the effectiveness during fieldwork

Icon Immediate Detection

Immediate Detection

See what usually stays completely invisible

Icon visualization


Detect any unusual behavior in your process flows

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