Process Mining and P2P in Power BI

Process Mining and P2P in Power BI

The purchase to pay cycle includes all activities in the procurement to pay process flow. Starting from the creation of the purchase order, to goods receipt and receipt of the invoice, to the verification, to posting and payment of the supplier invoices.

Increase your process efficiency with PAFnow for ‘Purchase to Pay’.

Join Daniel Hughes and Robert Connolly as we tackle the complex topic of these end to end business process and how PAFnow can

Help P2P

  • Stop discount losses
  • Reduce maverick buying


Daniel Hughes Director at PAF
Daniel Hughes, Director - North American Go To Market of PAF
Daniel Hughes has 20 years of experience helping companies select enterprise software technologies. He focuses on helping companies overcome process challenges by applying cutting edge technology to the problem. His background includes software companies focused on BI & analytics, AI & ML, BPM & workflow, intelligent automation, and most recently Process Mining. He has helped companies dissect and automate processes from procure to pay, to mortgage origination, to hire to retire, and customer journey. Daniel earned a degree in Information Systems from Baylor University.

Robert Connolly, Data Analyst at PAF
Robert Connolly, Data Analyst
Robert Connolly is a graduate from the University of Michigan: College of Engineering where he earned his degree in Computer Science. At PAF he works as a Data Analyst for the US team in Ann Arbor, MI. He believes that business intelligence and analytics have the potential to change the world and how every business operates. He aims to bring business intelligence to customers worldwide to make sure every business has the opportunity for clarity in their data and efficiency with analysis.