Democratization of Process Mining


Successful companies are the sum of excellent processes – and the people working in them. With their dedication and experience, they contribute to growth and innovation on a daily basis. Let’s use this valuable treasure trove of expertise to make the processes even better – where they happen, continuously, quickly and easily with more fun!


More about this paradigm shift in process mining can be found here.

Companies of all sizes should be able to benefit from the opportunities of process mining, for example …


… in process standardization, harmonization and optimization.

… during the introduction of Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

… in detecting anomalies and compliance violations.

… for upgrades / migrations from SAP R / 3 to S / 4 HANA.

Process Mining as an Ability
of the Digital Workplace

With our mission to sustainably improve processes, we make Process Mining capabilities available to every digital workplace. For this, PAF, with PAFnow, relies on the technology of our partner Microsoft. With the combination of PAFnow and Office 365, all employees have the opportunity to gain complete transparency about their business processes, to receive recommendations for their targeted optimization, to keep a constant eye on progress, and to initiate operational measures directly.

With Microsoft Power BI, PAFnow provides the reports and dashboards required for process mining on an unprecedented level and, above all, in the familiar working environment. The collaborative work within Microsoft SharePoint is supported as well as the direct initiation of actions in other operative applications.

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Here PAFnow combines the process mining capabilities with the workflow technology of Microsoft Flow. The result: not only smarter employees, but also better processes. n-times better!

Experience Artifical Process Intelligence with PAFnow

Artificial Process Intelligence is a technology that combines artificial intelligence and process mining methods. Process Mining is a process management technique in which existing process data is visualized and analyzed to provide a fact-based basis for process analysis. Thus, with PAFnow you have an innovative solution at hand to confidently face the challenges of digitization.

Things just work better with PAFnow

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– Identify and analyze your business processes with PAFnow.
– Receive in-depth insights to make pinpoint diagnoses.
– Use these in combination with continuous monitoring to improve your decision quality.
– Increase your productivity with concrete measures in daily operations.


These steps can be applied to your process data as often as you like, guaranteeing you a steady improvement of your business processes.


Diese Schritte lassen sich beliebig oft auf Deine Prozessdaten anwenden und garantieren Dir so eine stetige Verbesserung Deiner Unternehmensabläufe.

PAFnow Report for
Microsoft Power BI

With the PAFnow report for Power BI, there is nothing in the way of your process analysis. Based on the PAFnow data processing, your process data is already prepared in such a way that you can get started immediately with the PAFnow report and analyze and improve any process. For selected standard processes (for example, SAP Purchase-to-Pay), PAFnow content packs with in-depth, process-specific analyzes are available.


Of course, you can individually customize each report with the extensive possibilities of Microsoft Power BI or create your own, new report pages. This is possible both through the Power BI desktop and via – easy – intuitive – fast.

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The PAFnow Report includes predefined report pages for generic views and analyzes. These include, among others …


… the Process Discovery as a common starting point for process analysis.

… Benchmarking for the comparison of processes with different attribute characteristics.

… the Conformance Check for determining deviations from the target process.

… Automation for the identification of avoidable manual activities.

… in-depth analyzes of variants, loops, process steps, starting points.

“PAFnow enriches Microsoft Power BI and the Office 365 digital workstation with process mining capabilities. To make all employees smarter and your processes better. n-times better! “

PAFnow Custom Visuals

for Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft Power BI already offers a variety of charts for visualizing data in reports and dashboards. PAFnow contains additional so-called Power BI Custom Visuals, specifically for the requirements in the field of Process Mining.


These Custom Visuals can be imported into the existing Gallery with just a few clicks and used in any way in the PAFnow report for Power BI or integrated into your own Power BI Reports and Dashboards.


They cover various analytical functions and questions and are very helpful for many applications and problems in the field of process mining, for example …

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… for graphic navigation in the process graph (PAFnow Process Explorer / Viewer).

… for the evaluation of cycle times for freely selectable process sections (PAFnow Lead Time Calculator).

… to compare processes based on their attributes (PAFnow Attribute Filter).

… as a “health check” for the process variant variety (PAFnow Pareto).

… to identify the causes of process abnormalities (PAFnow Root Cause Analyzer).

… for the determination of compliance violations (PAFnow Event Filter).

… for the visualization of the document flow on single document level (PAFnow Document Flow).

PAFnow Data Processing
for SQL Server

With PAFnow you can visualize and analyze each process with the help of process mining capabilities. The only prerequisite: the data required for this purpose must be available as a so-called event log, that is, follow a fixed structure in the form of a CSV file or a database table. If this is the case, PAFnow uses the SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) feature to load and transform your data and prepare the Power BI-optimized data model. And then you can start …

PAFnow and Microsoft Power BI – the Best of both Worlds

With PAFnow we have integrated our software into Microsoft Power BI and complement your analytical platform with new capabilities. As a Microsoft Power BI and Office 365 user, you can quickly and easily extend your existing infrastructure with state-of-the-art PAF process mining software to make your operational business processes better.

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So you can use an attractive solution on a daily basis, to transform your workplace to a real efficiency workshop with a variety of interfaces to known Microsoft Office applications.


PAFnow in Microsoft Power BI supports you with …


… keeping an eye on important key figures and evaluations.

… automatic notifications of important changes.

… automating tasks and starting workflow activities.

… increasing your productivity through collaborative work.

PAFnow Deployment

Be it proof-of-concept or “cloud-first” strategy, single-user or highly scalable cloud service, Microsoft Power BI and the Microsoft Application Platform (Azure, SQL Server) offer you a variety of options for easy use and smooth operation of PAFnow. And with the Power BI App you also keep track of the mobile on any device. At any time.

Single User

Based on Power BI Desktop

Report Distribution

Based on Power BI Report Server

in the Cloud

Based on

Mobile  Access

Based on the Power BI App

“Process Mining, Business Intelligence (BI), Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Business Process Management (BPM) are increasingly merging. Artificial Process Intelligence with PAFnow brings these disciplines together, using all the power of Office 365.”

PAFnow Content Packs

PAFnow Content Packs include extractors, predefined data models and reports for specific processes, applications and issues. As a “project accelerator”, they enable you to get started quickly and inexpensively without long project durations. Thanks to the expertise and industry experience of our ever-growing PAFnetwork, new ideas for this content are constantly coming up. For you as a partner, the PAFnow Content Packs are an ideal way to build your own Intellectual Property (IP).

Purchase to Pay
for SAP R3
Order to Cash
for SAP R3
for SAP R3
Customer Journey
Meter Operation
Services Billing
Invoice-to-Cash for flowDOCS
Input/Output Management for Macros eWorkplace
Supplier Reliability for Proalpha
AI Process Insights for ServiceNow

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