PAFnow and Microsoft Power BI

The Best of both Worlds

How do you imagine your digital workplace in the future? Wouldn’t it be nice if you learned what processes you have and how they run exactly? Imagine, you were provided with the key figures and evaluations that you need to get better. And all that from the comfort of your own workplace.


This is exactly what PAFnow offers in Microsoft Power BI, where process mining capabilities merge with business intelligence (BI) disciplines. Because it makes sense to use the market-leading BI software to create a seamless integration and enable analytical work for employees in their familiar environment.


In addition, Microsoft Power BI offers many advantages, including a variety of interfaces to popular Microsoft applications, turning your workplace into an efficiency workshop. Learn how to use the full range of Microsoft Power BI features to improve your processes!

Continuously improve your processes!

You want to track the evolution of your business, explore key questions, and keep track of key figures?

The Microsoft Power BI service helps you with that. You can configure your own dashboards and use them for your daily monitoring. Add the key figures and evaluations from your reports that are essential to you to your dashboard. So you can quickly and easily separate important data from unimportant data and you have a central access point to your reports, which allow you a deeper insight as soon as a key figure appears conspicuous.


Your advantage? At a glance, you get information about how your key figures are developing, whether everything is going according to plan, whether goals are being achieved, or whether entire business units may be in the process of descent.


Stay informed – always!

Company employees are busy and do not always have the time to look at dashboards to check if things are on track. They also want to receive automatic notifications when there is an important change in their data. Good news – we have the solution for you!


Because in the Microsoft Power BI service, you can set your own alerts at the dashboard level for key figures and reporting. If a key figure is particularly important to you, you can set a threshold to get notified automatically by e-mail as soon as it is exceeded or not reached. This allows you to intervene immediately when urgent changes in the operation are required, no matter where you are!


Automate your daily work!

Do you want to go one step further and use the knowledge you have gained to initiate concrete optimization measures in your company?


By integrating Microsoft Flow in the Microsoft Power BI service, you can do just that! You can trigger workflow activities in other applications and have them automatically implement recurring tasks. You automate activities which so far have been executed manually and close the circle of data – insights – action.



More specifically, you can use repetitive tasks to define concrete action instructions with several steps to automate your processes and accelerate procedures. So you actively intervene in the process flow and can implement defined optimization measures automatically.


For some workflows, Microsoft provides self-developed templates that can be quickly integrated into your system and customized individually – be it an e-mail notification in Outlook or a chat message in Microsoft Teams. You can create other internal workflows yourself once. Afterwards, the defined flow can be operated by your colleagues with just one click or it is triggered automatically as soon as an alert rule is activated. So you save time and money and can focus on your important tasks.

Better results through collaborative work

Businesses are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of collaboration and communication among employees in their daily work. Because collaborative work increases productivity, supports decision-making and can help solve problems.


However, it is important that the means of communication can be accessed quickly and without much effort.


This wish is also our aspiration. With PAFnow you can simply add comments to dashboards and specific visuals in the Microsoft Power BI service or in the mobile Power BI app. The process analysis does not stop when you publish your PAFnow reports or dashboards. On the contrary, the conversation continues in meetings, e-mails, and occasional chats to discuss the results of the analysis and derive concrete actions.

This will save you time and you will not have to rely on your favorite screenshot tool and email client to start a conversation. Using the comment feature you will be able to do all this in the same display!


For many companies, Microsoft SharePoint Online is an important part of the data communication and dissemination strategy. That is why it is possible to embed the results of your PAFnow process analysis so that you have a central point where only those involved have the necessary access to the data.


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