PAFnow Report for Power BI

Process analysis – ready to use!

With the PAFnow report, nothing gets in the way of your process analysis. Since your process data has already been prepared based on PAFnow data processing, you can directly start the PAFnow report and analyze and improve any process!

The PAFnow report includes predefined report pages for generic views and analyzes. Here you will find out what evaluations we have prepared for you and what options you have to get n-times better!

Your analysis with the PAFnow report

The PAFnow Report is a pre-defined report in Microsoft Power BI that enables you to analyze and improve any process. We have created a total of nine report pages for you in the PAFnow report. These focus on typical process-related topics and provide answers to essential questions of process analysis with the help of ready-made visualizations. We used both Power BI standard visualizations and PAFnow Custom Visuals  to analyze business data. If you want to supplement the PAFnow report with your own evaluations or analyzes, you can do it anytime by creating your own report pages. 


In the following you will learn how exactly the individual PAFnow report pages can support you in your process analysis.


The Discovery is your central analysis point, providing all the necessary components to give you complete transparency on, understand, and analyze your business process. The  PAFnow Process Explorer will help you to automatically visualize your business process. So you can see exactly how ramified your process has taken place in the company in reality. In addition, the PAFnow Process Explorer gives you the ability to filter for individual process steps or paths for deeper insights.

In addition to the PAFnow Process Explorer, you will find the navigation bar, which allows you to control the process graph for more specific evaluations. For example, you can filter by the most common process pattern (variant) or select a specific time period.


If you are interested in not only examining the business process but comparing two process graphs, benchmarking is just the thing for you!

By using selected criteria in the PAFnow Attribute Filter, you can compare and examine the two process graphs based on selected attributes. For example, insights from successful processes can be identified compared to less efficient processes.


On the basis of selected key figures and trend analyzes, you keep an eye on your entire business process in the overview and you can monitor ongoing improvements. Likewise, you can immediately detect critical changes and respond directly to them.


Here you get an overview of start and end of your process analysis, number of your cases, number of your process variants – just to name a few key figures.


A Process Variant is a possible path through the process graph from start to finish and thus an important part of any process analysis. For this reason, we have prepared a report page on Variants for you. By means of typical process indicators and evaluations, you have the opportunity to rate your process performance with regard to process variants. For example, you will learn how many cases are covered by the most common variant and how much time the majority of your variants will need for the process.


By using the PAFnow Root Cause Analyzers, you can also identify the causes of process abnormalities in order to derive measures directly.



A loop is the repetition of one or more activities and often leads to unnecessary extra work and costs. That’s why it’s important that you examine your process accordingly. The PAFnow Report Page “Loops”, offers you typical process key figures and evaluations that give you an overview of the loops in your process.


Among other things, the following key figures help you to get a better understanding of your loops: number of loops, number of selfloops, percentage of cases with Loops.

Process Steps

Are you interested in an analysis of your process in terms of process steps? With the PAFnow Report Page “Process Steps” we offer you direct answers to typical questions on this topic. Use the evaluations in combination with the PAFnow Process Viewer to take a closer look at the process steps in your process.


In the trend analysis, you can look at how the number of process steps has evolved over time and if there are patterns.

Starting Points

Sometimes your process takes longer depending on which entry point you start with. This connection is examined by the PAFnow Report Page “Starting Points”. Here you can see, depending on which activity you start with, how long the process lasts on average and how many process steps are needed. This allows you to derive the optimal process flow.


Do you consider investing in Robotic Process Automation (RPA) or have you already invested, and now want to check whether the investment was worthwhile? The PAFnow Report Page “Automation” offers you typical process indicators and evaluations, which give you information about the degree of automation of your process. With this evaluation, you can see which process steps are already automated and where there is still potential.

Case Viewer

In the PAFnow Report Page “Case Viewer”, the focus is on the Custom Visual PAFnow Case Viewer. The PAFnow Case Viewer is a new way to see your processes in addition to the PAFnow Process Explorer and the PAFnow Document Flow. With the PAFnow Case Viewer you can understand for each case which activities it has flowed through in which order within the process and which attributes characterize the respective activities. The navigation bar enables you to control the PAFnow Case Viewer in a targeted manner to detect process problems.


This is how things are going well!

You’ve learned how the PAFnow report pages help you to understand and illustrate your current process performance. So you can always keep your eyes on the loops, process steps and process variants.


This gives you complete transparency about your business processes and enables you to improve your process flows through customized recommendations. Thus, you implement optimizations exactly then, when and where it is needed. So you can become n-times better today!

PAFnow and Microsoft Power BI – The Best of both Worlds

Learn how to use the Power BI features for your process analysis to become n-times better!

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