PAFnow Custom Visuals

Insights through Process Visualizations

PAFnow Custom Visuals are specially developed visualizations (charts) that you can import into your Power BI report in addition to the existing Power BI standard visualizations. They cover various analytical functions and are very helpful for many applications and issues in the field of process mining. This allows your data to be visualized in a manner that enables you to get get started right away with your process analysis.

PAFnow Custom Visuals for Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft Power BI, the Microsoft business analytics service, provides interactive visualizations with self-service business intelligence functions. This enables end users to create reports and dashboards themselves, without relying on IT staff or database administrators. In addition, the connection, processing and modeling of business data is very easy and possible without much effort with the integrated platform.


Results can be reached in analyzes without special IT know-how and professional reports can be put together easily. This makes it easy to monitor your own business processes and corporate success. In addition, findings can be derived and used to make informed decisions. The variety of interfaces (such as the integration in Excel and SharePoint) extend the application possibilities of Power BI.

Why not use all the advantages of the strongest BI software on the market and enrich them with Process Mining methods and Artifical Intelligence for even better process analysis?

We also asked ourselves this question! In terms of analyzing business and process data, Process Mining, Business Intelligence (BI), and Artificial Intelligence (AI) go hand in hand. Because BI offers you full reporting capabilities, process mining gives you transparency and AI automatically generates insights and gives you customized recommendations.

That’s why we’ve integrated the process mining capability into Microsoft Power BI and created PAFnow. With the help of specially developed PAFnow Custom Visuals, we supplement the analytical platform with new capabilities.

Learn here how to use our PAFnow Custom Visuals in Power BI to make your processes n-times better.

PAFnow Process Explorer

With the help of the PAFnow Process Explorer, your business process is automatically visualized on the basis of the process mining technology, so that you can objectively recognize how ramified your process has taken place in reality. The visualization of your process in the PAFnow Process Explorer is done as a process graph.


The PAFnow Process Explorer also gives you the ability to filter for individual process steps or paths for deeper insights. For example, you can select one or more process steps or paths in the process graph and right-click to select the filtering to only look at cases that really interest you. This gives you a simplified view of your process.

PAFnow Root Cause Analyser

To not having to rely on your instincts to find the causes of process abnormalities, you can use the PAFnow Root Cause Analyzer (RCA). The PAFnow RCA provides you with automatically generated root cause knowledge in order to derive measures for a process problem directly. An AI-based correlation analysis is running in the background.




You are interested in why your shopping process takes more than 100 days. The PAFnow Root Cause Analyzer removes the hassle of analysis and delivers the reasons at the touch of a button.


In the figure, the green bars pointing to the right point to characteristics that are most likely the cause of your process problem. In this example, your purchasing process takes longer if supplier 23 and plant 7 are involved.

The red bars pointing to the left indicate forms of attributes that tend not to cause the behaviour. In our example, the process runs much shorter at plant 44 and at supplier 34.

PAFnow Pareto

The PAFnow Pareto serves as a “health check” for the process variant range and gives you the opportunity to rate your process performance at a glance.


According to the Pareto principle, 20% of the variants should cover 80% of the business transactions, so that the process performance can be rated as good. With PAFnow Pareto you can see at a glance whether the Pareto principle of your system is met and how far it deviates from the 80:20 ratio. In addition, you have the option to change the typical 80:20 Pareto thresholds to have more flexibility in the analysis.


For example, you can increase the upper limit from 80% to 90% and realize how much effort you need to get 90% of your results.

PAFnow Document Flow

If you are using a document-based IT system, for example SAP, the PAFnow Document Flow gives you a whole new view of your processes. You can visualize the complexity of your document flow in order to be able to trace which and how documents are related to each other down to the level of individual documents.


For example, you can see that the order item 00030 of order PO 56789 was the only one not paid with the MMInvoice 98765, but with MMInvoice 87654.

PAFnow Attribute Filter

With the PAFnow Attribute Filter you can decide on which basis, i.e. based on which attributes, your processes are filtered. There are no limits for the selection of attributes. For example, you can use two attributes to compare two processes to identify successful processes versus less efficient ones.

So you can investigate whether your process is more efficient in Germany than in Austria.




PAFnow Process Viewer

Like the PAFnow Process Explorer, the PAFnow Process Viewer offers you complete transparency about your business process. Here, too, the visualization of your process takes place as a process graph. In contrast to the PAFnow Process Explorer, you have the option to select process steps or paths instead of filtering. This highlights the selection in ready-made evaluations and activates the PAFnow Root Cause Analyzer.

PAFnow Lead Time Calculator

Using the PAFnow Lead Time Calculator, you can flexibly examine lead times for specific sections of your process to accurately understand where the process gets caught if it happens to take an unexpectedly long time.


Set the start and end time of your process section in the PAFnow Lead Time Calculator and display the average lead time for the defined area. In addition, you can look at the distribution of your cases for this section below the box. So you can understand exactly where the majority of your business transactions for the defined area lie and if there were extreme outliers.




We are looking at the duration from the order creation “Create PO” to the goods receipt “Post GR”. The average turnaround time for this section is 15 days 8 hours 28 minutes and 14 seconds.

PAFnow Event Filter

With the PAFnow Event Filter, the sequence of process steps in the process flow can be checked to draw conclusions about possible compliance violations.


For example, this will allow you to uncover Maverick Buying – the unauthorized and uncontrolled purchase of materials or services from individual persons without including the responsible purchasing department.


The PAFnow Event Filter searches for invoices for which an order has been created retrospectively. However, the process flow can also be checked to see whether invoices have been created and paid for which no order reference existed.

PAFnow Duration Card

With the new PAFnow Duration Card you can decide for yourself how granular you want to have your lead times displayed. Depending on the application you can set, whether you want to go through times only in days, days and minutes or down to the smallest level of seconds.


Sometimes, for the sake of simplicity, it is not necessary to know exactly how long a certain activity lasted. For this reason, the granularity of the specified time can be adjusted in the PAFnow Duration Card.

PAFnow Histogram Slicer

With the PAFnow Histogram Slicer you can view the distribution of your cases in terms of numerical attributes and use the visualization to set filters.


For example, if you have selected the lead time as the numeric attribute, the PAFnow Histogram Slicer will give you an overview of how long your cases will need for the process and where the majority and outliers are in the distribution.


You can use this information as a basis for your further filtering and only select the cases that are interesting for your further analysis.


The selection of the numerical attribute is very flexible. Instead of the lead time you can choose the process costs or the start time and let you show the distribution of your cases for this.

PAFnow Case Viewer

With the PAFnow Case Viewer, you can understand for each case which activities were gone through in which order within the process. It also shows which attributes characterize the respective activities. So you can display additional information for each process step, such as the department, the costs or the number of loops.


To find process peculiarities in your cases even faster, you also have the option to color process steps based on selected attributes. For example, highlight all process steps that have already been performed automatically by the system or that are most costly.


You can also use the PAFnow Case Viewer to answer compliance-related questions. To do so, look at which process steps are being carried out by which user in order to check whether there was a Violation of Duty here.



This is how things are going well!

PAFnow offers you a detailed analysis, provides targeted insights and enables continuous improvement of your business processes through on-going monitoring.

Here is an overview of how the PAFnow Custom Visuals can help you.



Understand and visualize your current process performance with PAFnow …


… Process Explorer.

… Document Flow.

… Process Viewer.

… Attribute Filter.

… Duration Card.

… Histogram Slicer.


Improve your processes through customized recommendations with PAFnow …


… Root Cause Analyzer.

… Lead Time Calculator.

… Case Viewer.

… Pareto.


Make better decisions and optimize your processes with PAFnow …


… Event Filter.

PAFnow Report

Discover and visualize your business processes and detect bottlenecks in the process flow! Understand and illustrate your current process performance! See what opportunities you have to become n-times better! How? With the help of the PAFnow report!

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