10 Reasons for PAFnow

Are you interested in process mining tools?

These ten arguments will convince you of PAFnow.

1. PAFnow: The best combination of Process Mining, AI and BI

PAF has thought longer and harder than others about the question on the role of analytics and reporting for process mining. This is why companies will only gain business advantages by counting on the combination of the most attractive process mining solution for the analysis of business processes and the most powerful analytics and BI-solution on the market.  The process mining software PAFnow is based on the, according to the IT analyst Gartner, world’s leading BI and analytics platform Microsoft Power BI, which not only has “the strongest analytics core” under the hood ” but is already being used by more than 200,000 companies in more than 200 countries worldwide.

With Microsoft Power BI PAFnow offers:

  • analysis possibilities, which exceed standards, for business processes down to the document level.
  • Reports and dashboards locally, on the web, or on smartphones to stay informed at all times.
  • User-friendly AI-based technologies to better understand business processes faster


Recently, the language assistant Cortana was also made available to users. Voice input, or Q & A, allows end users to retrieve numeric values, procedures, and interactive charts.

2. PAFnow Content Packs accelerate the start of a project

With the PAFnow Process Mining Content Packs, you can gain insights into your actual processes at a glance and with just one click. PAFnow content packs include certified extractors, predefined data models and reports for specific processes, applications and questions. The performance of operational business processes is automatically analyzed and evaluated. Deviations from planned procedures, such as compliance violations or inefficiencies, are automatically detected and presented to the user in a clear manner. As a “project accelerator”, PAFnow Content Packs enable a quick and cost-effective entry into the world of process mining.

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3. PAFnow reduces Risks, Costs and Duration of Process Mining Projects

PAFnow is a powerful process mining software that makes it fun to accelerate projects. Based on proven methods and process mining expertise derived from everyday project work, PAFnow reduces the risks, costs and runtimes of process mining projects for you. Certified PAFnow consultants skilfully support you in the pre-selection, selection and logical linking of operational data from different sources and their automated evaluation.

Upon request, we can assist you with the initial diagnosis of business processes to determine the potential of process mining for process improvements for you and your company. Your advantage: An investment in a data-based process diagnostic pays off within a few weeks by implementing the identified optimization measures.

4. PAFnow identifies Causes of Process Problems at the Touch of a Button

Based on the very large amounts of data that are generated in every company today, analyzing process data can be challenging. Using three examples, we want to explain how PAFnow helps you to automatically find the causes of abnormalities during full audits:

  • Do you have new process data but don’t know where to start the analysis? No problem. You don’t have to ask a process expert, manually examine the business process, or build dashboards. Simply let PAFnow generate insights in the form of data visualizations at the touch of a button


  • Do you want to understand why trends are subject to strong fluctuations? Instead of making assumptions or treating symptoms, with just one click PAFnow provides you with insights and explanations about the interrelations between processes and goals.


  • The intrinsic values ​​of PAFnow include the AI-assisted PAFnow Root Cause Analyzer, which identifies the causes of process problems at the touch of a button. For further investigations, for example at the level of individual entities, such as supplier, material group or company code, the results of the Root Cause Analyzer can be transferred to any analysis as a filter with just one click. So you can easily get to the bottom of problems.
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5. PAFnow raises the identified savings potential in processes

Expectations of process analytics go beyond the mere visualization of actual processes. For a good reason. Process Mining should not only quickly and precisely uncover the need for action, but also initiate the right measures. That’s exactly what PAFnow is doing.

If the cause of a process problem has been identified, the user can start countermeasures in another application directly from his workstation. With PAFnow more than 200 applications, such as SAP, Dynamics, Salesforce, Jira, ServiceNow can be automatically controlled to perform actions, receive notifications, synchronize files or collect data. Warning messages inform the user whether the measures taken are effective and the process is actually improving.

6. PAFnow increases the Productivity of the People Involved in the Process

Platform-based work will be the standard in companies in the future. Businesses are working to connect their workplace architecture to foster communication and collaboration. PAFnow helps the user to make the workday more productive, by automatically finding optimization potentials in business processes and making them available to the employee at his workplace, so that he can better control processes. Any business user involved in optimizing business processes can personally benefit from Process Mining.

This is a paradigm shift in the process mining market: from expensive data scientists to autonomous end users. PAFnow is therefore especially recommended for companies that want to increase the productivity of employees involved in value chains. Innovations in the field of digitalization are thus not left in the stage of insights from process mining.

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7. PAFnow provides innovative AI-Features from Research „all inclusive“

PAFnow stands for a knowledge-based system that learns from the past to optimize business processes in the present. So mistakes from the past will stay in the past while advantages for the future are put into practice. Always make decisions which are at least as good as those you have made in the past.

In cooperation with the leading artificial intelligence research institutes, such as the DFKI and the TU Darmstadt, the PAF regularly transfers practice-relevant approaches and prototypes from innovation research to PAFnow. Your advantage: PAFnow is the process mining solution that learns from data for the user to make decisions more accurately, provide contextual knowledge faster, and simplify process diagnostics. This reduces the time which:

  • Users otherwise had to use to make decisions,
  • Data analysts otherwise had to use to model data,
  • Process consultants otherwise had to use to analyze processes,
  • we all have been using up to now to raise the potential of processes.


PAF holds an international leading position in innovation research in the process mining market and is regarded as a prime example of successful innovation policy in German-speaking countries.

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8. Data-to-Insights-to-Actions

PAF was created to use process analytics to leverage the potential dormant in business processes. First of all, business processes for which optimization and automation are really worthwhile are identified:

  • repetitive, high-volume, standardized processes that bind many resources
  • Processes with long lay times and long waiting times of operations


Data mining knowledge gained through process mining is used to improve on-going operations in business processes. In doing so, PAFnow independently starts actions, for example, to send warning messages to decision makers in case of roughly deviating key figures.


  • Companies can automate decisions based on facts.
  • Process analysts can actively intervene in process control and specifically initiate process steps.
  • Users can start countermeasures in other applications from their workstation.


PAFnow creates completely new possibilities for integrating Process Intelligence into key operational core processes and applications. Not only do companies save time and money on implementation, they accelerate optimization projects. PAFnow guarantees a high degree of business success in the automation of processes.

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9. PAFnow simplifies  the Operationalization of Process Mining

PAFnow Process Mining is already part of the digital workplace. Full integration with Microsoft Office 365 makes it easy for businesses to bring process mining reports to where process problems arise and can be eliminated immediately. An enterprise-wide deployment of PAFnow is just a few clicks away. You can build on your existing infrastructure and use existing software.

Take advantage of SharePoint, Team, Yammer, Outlook or Skype, and teams to share your process mining dashboards with your team to make processes better together. Use your TARGET models, for example from Microsoft Visio, to compare them to the ACTUAL world in PAFnow. Work with bookmarks, export your dashboards to Microsoft Power Point, or save them as a PDF report. Your advantage: Your employees can analyze and optimize business processes in their familiar workplace environment; without any practice or training.

10. PAFnow eliminates the high Process Mining entry hurdle

How? We will gladly tell you in the context of a personal conversation. We look forward to hearing from you at info@pafnow.com