PAFnow 2018.2 – “Fall”-Release is here

PAF combines Process Mining with Process Automation


Darmstadt, 23 November 2018: The Process Analytics Factory (PAF), one of the market leading providers of process mining software, has successfully introduced PAFnow 2018.2.  With numerous enhancements, built-in wizard, and a new design, users can now review business processes even more easily and quickly.By directly implementing improvement measures based on insights, PAFnow 2018.2 opens up completely new possibilities for companies that want to improve their processes. The new “Fall Release” is available now.


The great strength of PAFnow 2018.2 is the ability to survey the collected process data of a company, to automatically identify the causes of process problems and to remedy them immediately.” says Tobias Rother, CEO & Founder of PAF.

With PAFnow, the diagnosis of business processes can take place simultaneously with the processing of current processes. So, business process issues can be detected and resolved faster than with conventional process mining approaches based on downstream analysis. This allows decision makers to react directly on the basis of the knowledge gained.


Among the intrinsic values ​​of PAFnow is the AI-based PAFnow Root Cause Analyzer. This custom visual identifies the causes of process problems at the touch of a button. With the new release, these findings can be used for further investigations, for example, at the level of individual entities, such as vendor, material group, or company code. Users can transfer these entities as a filter to any evaluation with just one click. So, answers to a process problem are found even faster and easier.


Process Mining Reports are intended to display all important information at a glance. With PAFnow 2018.2, companies can quickly bring PAFnow reports into their own corporate design and personalize them according to their own ideas. PAFnow is designed to provide decision makers with all the critical information they need, as well as helping individual employees to be productive and self-determined.

The external values ​​of PAFnow 2018.2 also include new Process Mining-specific interactive visuals for a simplified analysis of business processes. In addition to the tried and tested PAFnow Process Explorer and the PAFnow Document Flow Visuals, the new PAFnow Case Viewer offers new possibilities for compliance optimization. The PAFnow Case Viewer provides a comprehensive and integrated view of all processes to ensure compliance in the enterprise. With the PAFnow Case Viewer, the examined data can be filtered at attribute level and highlighted in color.

What exactly does PAFnow look like?

Watch our webinar recording, where we show you everything about our product PAFnow and it’s possible applications.