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EEW Energy from Waste GmbH
Helmstadt, Germany

“Based on our data, PAF conducted a detailed analysis of the purchase-to-pay process, providing us with a solid foundation for further activities, and the results were quickly made available via interactive dashboards.”

Nils Borgolte, Project Manager


International Conference on Process Mining

24-26.06.2019, Aachen – As a pioneer in process mining and gold sponsor of the event, we are of course there and look forward to sharing our knowledge, our experience and our visions with you and to entering into dialogue with you. Learn more



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PAFnow Content Packs include data extractors, predefined data models, and preconfigured reports for specific processes, applications, and queries. As a “project accelerator”, they enable you to get started quickly and cost-effectively without long project durations. With the expertise and industry experience of our ever-growing PAFnetwork, we’re constantly creating new ideas for this content. For you as a partner, the PAFnow Content Packs are an ideal way to create your own intellectual property (IP).

Purchase to Pay
for SAP R3
Order to Cash
for SAP R3
for SAP R3
Customer Journey
Meter Operation
Services Billing
Invoice-to-Cash for flowDOCS
Input/Output Management for Macros eWorkplace
Supplier Reliability for Proalpha
AI Process Insights for ServiceNow
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