Wide range of applications for Process Mining in practice
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Wide range of applications for Process Mining in practice

Darmstadt, March 13, 2019 - What are the various possible areas of application for Process Mining in practice? - A significant use case arises, for example, for " Meter-to-Cash" processes in the energy sector. " Meter-to-Cash" is a supposed standard process. It offers companies numerous optimization possibilities in the form of cost and efficiency savings.

At the AprilTalks 2019 on 28 March, Julia März, Senior Manager and authorised signatory at PwC, will present this and other key areas of application for Process Mining. She will also present her previous market experience from PwC’s perspective. Julia März has been working for the auditing company PricewaterhouseCoopers for 10 years. She is currently in charge of digital solutions as Senior Manager at Risk Assurance Solutions. Her responsibilities include “Data Analytics” and “Process Mining” in a wide range of application areas and different industries. We talked to Julia März about Process Mining.

PAF: Ms. März, PwC is heavily involved in the Process Mining business. What was the decisive factor in engaging more intensively with this discipline?

Julia März: For us, Process Mining is a technology with which we can very quickly ensure maximum transparency in processes and identify weak points. We use Process Mining both as an analysis tool in optimization projects and to provide our customers with a monitoring solution.

PAF: In which application areas did you expect the greatest benefit from Process Mining? Which application scenario was new or most exciting for you?

Julia März: There are many areas of application for which we currently use Process Mining. Traditionally of course for process transparency or documentation. Furthermore, we also use Process Mining for service provider monitoring or as preparation for a robot/bot deployment as well as for an SAP® HANA conversion. Currently, the largest area of application is certainly continuous process monitoring in the specialist area.

PAF: You have a lot of project and practical experience. What advice would you give to someone who wants to evaluate the possibilities of Process Mining for the first time? Which mistakes would you like to prevent them from making?

Julia März: You should involve the right people (IT and business) in a project. In addition, a suitable process should be selected for a pilot, with which a real business case can be calculated and realized at the end. The pilot project is often underestimated and therefore approached in a very rudimentary way. For example, by not setting up individual dashboards and key figures, by not achieving process depth and by postponing crucial issues to a later stage (data protection, data procurement, etc.). Furthermore, the Process Mining software should be embedded into the existing architecture. This is important in order to avoid having to provide employees with multiple tools.

PAF: What developments do you expect around Process Mining and related disciplines like Robotic Process Automation, Business Intelligence and AI?

Julia März: For us, Process Mining is a great starting point from which to proceed with in-depth analytics with AI components as well as robotics process automation. It is a must to link these technologies with each other in order to achieve sustainable process optimizations and to remain competitive. Process Mining facilitates the introduction to digital topics. This is a big advantage. We are looking forward to further developments.

PAF: Thank you for the interview, Ms März. These are very informative insights into your work at PwC and in the field of Process Mining!

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