The Democratization of Process Mining - ManagerWISSEN Special
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The Democratization of Process Mining

“ManagerWISSEN” Special

Author: Tobias Rother - Founder & CEO of PAF

Nowadays, every company has a wealth of data that could be used as the key to unprecedented operational excellence. Within this process data lies the key to improving business processes sustainably and more effectively with Process Mining.

Making Process Mining available to everyone means ensuring the immediate and easy use of this future technology. This requires Process Mining solutions to be integrated faster and more flexibly into a company’s existing infrastructure.

However, most Process Mining solutions are currently offered as so-called “isolated solutions”. These solutions are independent technical systems that function only within their own boundaries and according to their own standards.

If they are used in an enterprise, it requires working with multiple applications, data silos, and systems, resulting in an “application patchwork” and various associated problems.
As an alternative, integrated systems in particular are therefore experiencing a strong upswing and even software giants such as Microsoft are joining this trend. For Office 365 users, this means that they already have all the prerequisites to integrate Process Mining into their existing infrastructure.

This can result in significant savings in total cost of ownership of existing technology and RoI for the Process Mining application, as well as significantly reduce the time to get the Process Mining software up and running.

Tobias Rother, Founder & CEO of PAF, explains the differences between isolated applications and integrated systems, as well as the advantages of an integrated Process Mining solution in the ManagerWISSEN Process Mining Special.

Read it here (in German) or contact us for the English version.