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Process Mining from the Cloud accelerates process analysis

Darmstadt, April 24, 2019 The larger a company becomes, the more complex its business processes are. And ineffective workflows are expensive. Whether in purchasing, sales, production or management: In many companies, grown structures with paralyzing processes inhibit growth and profitability. Often all that remains is to call a management consultancy, which will spend weeks searching for errors for horrendous daily rates. Process analysis with PAFnow is faster, more effective and above all cheaper. The SaaS solution was developed with a grant from the LOEWE program.

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Tobias Rother founded Process Analytics Factory GmbH in 2014 to support companies with the analysis of their business processes. Prior to that, he had recognized the central challenge for Business Process Management (BPM) in numerous projects for other companies: “The first step for BPM was always the identification of historical data from inventory systems for accounting, Customer Relations Management (CRM) or Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and the preparation of this data for evaluation. These procedures, called Process Mining and Process Analytics, were too complex and did not produce the expected results. In 2015 he started a research project with the Technical University (TU) Darmstadt and ServiceTrace GmbH. Together they developed an analysis software to automate Process Mining. PAFnow is the result, which in the meantime, as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution from the public or private cloud, has attracted worldwide attention to the young company.

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