Best Process Mining Reporting pages for Power BI - Part 4
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The best Power BI report pages to track changes in your Process

Process Mining in Power BI

Author: Katharina Laumann, PR Manager and Editor at PAF

PAFnow embedded in Power BI, prepares and visualizes your process data so that you can immediately begin to analyze and improve any process.

The PAFnow Report comes with various predefined report pages for different views and specific aspects of business process analyses.

So far, we looked at individual cases and process paths and took a deep dive into process analysis. Now it’s finally time to compare and contrast processes and KPIs to keep track of changes and monitor your improvement measures.


Power BI  Monitoring Report Page

The Monitoring Page is designed to provide an overview of your process and helps you to keep an eye on selected key figures and trend analyzes. You can easily change the fiscal year to look at the details for any specific years.

On the very top of the page various cards provide details about fundamental key figures of your processes such as the number of cases and variants or the total number of process steps.

Below, you can see the most important Process Mining Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) of your process and their development over time.

For all KPI visuals the average value is benchmarked against a target value, for example the value of the previous month. The visuals background color changes depending on whether the benchmarking results are bad, good or neutral. This way you can see immediately where you need to intervene and if there are KPI spikes for specific times (for example the holiday rush).

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Power BI Automation Report Page

On the Automation Page you can find out if an investment in Robotic Process Automation (RPA) was or could be worth it and keep track of your RPA efforts.

The Process Explorer on this page uses green highlights to indicate process steps that are already automated to some degree and also includes the automation rate in percent.

The visuals on the right provide an overview on automation by case, process step and the development over time so you can keep track of trends and changes.

You can also filter by variants to see how the automation rate changes and how this affects process performance.


Power BI Benchmarking Report Page

On the PAFnow Benchmarking Page you can compare two different process flows at once. The Benchmarking Page comes with two separate PAFnow Process Explorers, which you can customize and explore through various filter options.

In addition to the Process Explorer, you can also see the various cards and their respective visuals (lead time, process steps, variants, cases) adapting to your filter selection.

You can compare your process performance on a range of attributes. For example, you can use the page to compare processes by year or look at those with shorter durations compared to less efficient processes with longer durations.

The Benchmarking Page allows you to gain insights into the factors that positively and negatively influence your processes, keep track of what factors and changes affect process performance, identify KPIs, track if improvement measures have the desired effects, and finally to act according to all those insights.

This marks the end of our short introduction to report pages and how to use them. Check out the previous parts and get started on your Process Mining journey today by downloading our free PAFnow Process Mining Visual or testing our demo.