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Process Mining in Power BI

Author: Katharina Laumann, PR Manager and Editor at PAF

Over the last few weeks, we sat down with our Partners to talk about Process Mining in Power BI, its advantages, uses and features. Here’s a summary of what they had to say:

Q: What advantage does Process Mining offer your customers?

PRODWARE: The advantage of Process Mining is the ability to generate added value from processes that have already been defined.

In other words, it shows where weaknesses can be found in the process, which can then be adjusted or eliminated accordingly in the preliminary systems.

CELVER AG: Where we could previously only see the current value of KPIs, their development and sometimes a forecast, Process Mining lets us look beneath the surface and see why a key figure is developing in a certain direction.

COSMO CONSULT: Process Mining gives customers real transparency in their processes. This makes it very easy to identify inefficiencies and to derive appropriate measures.

In addition, it is very easy to compare processes, for example across multiple locations, and thus to standardize them more and ultimately become more efficient.

We also use Process Mining as a tool to support customers in their digitization projects and to take stock in the context of ERP implementation. Additionally, we support migration projects to set up business processes in the new system more efficiently.

ORAYLIS: You can finally get a glimpse of your processes and your data. You get a very real display of how your processes are running and can identify the areas where there is a problem and do better.

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Q: Why is it useful to do Process Mining in Power BI?

CELVER AG: Information that I need for my daily business should be as easy to access as possible. Integrating Process Mining into the platform, which I already use for all my other analyzes, makes sense.

Power BI and the Power Platform with all its data, automation and collaboration features have only become stronger in the last few years and - from my point of view - rightly lead the market.

PRODWARE: Implementing Process Mining in Power BI combines the advantages of Process Mining with the flexibility and strong visualization of data in Power BI.

The integration of Power BI in the entire platform offers end users the opportunity to use their Business Intelligence dashboards and reports without having to change tools.

ORAYLIS: For us as data and analytics specialists in the Microsoft environment, of course, there is no question at all. Power BI has great dashboarding for analytical data solutions; it can be optimally expanded with Process Mining.

COSMO CONSULT: We pursue a clear Microsoft strategy and rely on Power BI for data & analytics workloads.

It was only a logical consequence to also use a Microsoft-based solution for Process Mining. In addition to our ERP reporting suite for Dynamics 365, we also offer ready-made Process Mining content.

For us there is no doubt that Power BI is the right foundation.

Q: And why with PAFnow?

COSMO CONSULT: PAF’s product is of an extremely high standard. The custom visuals look professional and are very intuitive to navigate, especially for the users.

We also complement each other’s product portfolio.

CELVER AG: PAFnow doesn’t just offer any little add-on for Power BI - PAFnow is a complete Process Mining solution which is really integrated into Power BI. And that also covers the subject of data connection and processing.

ORAYLIS: PAFnow managed to find the right separation: Where does data preparation take place? On the database in the DWH. And where does the visualization take place? This is the reporting component that PAFnow delivers. And this interface is made in exactly the right place, so it can be easily integrated into large data solutions.

PRODWARE: The Process Mining visuals from PAF can be integrated into all analyzes and dashboards within Power BI and are therefore directly available to all users without additional training. With PAFnow, Process Mining and Power BI form a unit.

Q: What special features does the upgrade from Power BI to Process Mining bring to your customers?

CELVER AG: Clearly transparency. The detailed view of the current processes in the company simply brings a whole new level of analysis options.

Where we used to ask lengthy questions to find out how the process works, we can now see it in much more detail in a fraction of the time.

I see the digital footprint of the process basically live and can immediately take countermeasures in the event of process disruptions.

ORAYLIS: It’s a way of expanding an analytics platform that is consistent and strategic with innovative technology.

We have already properly implemented all the data and now we are virtually able to put a completely functional layer on top of the requirement, implementation etc.

COSMO CONSULT: In addition to the “what”, for example key figures, attributes or dimensions, Process Mining ultimately provides the opportunity to focus on the “how”, on the processes.

PRODWARE: The special thing about this combination is the additional benefit in connection with the Microsoft Power Platform.

Automation potentials are not only shown by Process Mining but can also be adapted directly in the source systems using appropriate workflows.

This increases productivity, shortens production lead times or accelerates the entire supply chain in a company.

Q: Why did you include Process Mining in Power BI in your service portfolio?

ORAYLIS: The essential thing is that you can look at the processes objectively with Process Mining. Which helps you to change and rethink them and use the technology to simply become better.

CELVER AG: Many of our customers are already using Power BI or are considering switching to Power BI soon.

PAF offers the perfect complement to classic analysis and dashboarding, is fully integrated and therefore the tool of choice for a growing number of our customers.

PRODWARE: We are Gold Partner of Microsoft and have been implementing D365 solutions in the area of ERP and CRM very successfully for many customers for years. We use the Microsoft Azure Platform with Power BI for visualization and analysis in the Data & Analytics area. Here, the Process Mining approach from PAF brings additional business value for the customer.

COSMO CONSULT: Process Mining is a door- and ultimately an eye opener for our customers. We are convinced that Process Mining is an important component in digitization and its measurement.

Those answers are excerpts from the full interviews. To get more insights and details watch the full videos here.