How to optimize your O2C process
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Process Mining & Order-To-Cash

Improve cash flow, reduce changes & delays

The order-to-cash (or O2C) process is the golden key to success in any business - the efficiency with which a product or service is converted into cash. As a cross-departmental business process, O2C encompasses the entire customer order journey from customer to delivery to invoice before finally ending in accounting.

steps in a order-to-cash cycle

Ensuring that you have an automated seamless and optimized Order-to-Cash process will have a contagion effect on the rest of your busines. Bottleneck, delays, incorrect invoicing, and the like in one area of the O2C process can cause disastrous backups in another and at the end of the day cost the company time, money and ultimately, customers. Because the full O2P process is a complex dance between departments, getting these departments on the right track is paramount.

If systems are not fluid, complaints will range from shipping delays to delivery of the wrong item. If this happens frequently enough the business will be paying out business errors to fix the problem and repair the customer relationship.

In order to keep customers happy and become long time loyal purchasers – you need a flawless end to end process and customer journey.

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Enter Process Mining

The goal of Process Mining is to turn event data into insights and actions. It collects data from ERP systems such as SAP, Oracle, and Salesforce, as well as any other type of system (such as CRM or BPM). This data contains everything that is needed to provide a complete picture of the end-to-end process.

Everything is made visible: how the process really works, who performs a process step, how long it takes, and how it deviates from the average. Problems within the process are uncovered and AI algorithms can identify the root causes of deviations, while KPI tracking allows a company to focus on the most urgent improvement steps.

With our PAFnow Process Mining software, implemented in Power BI, we can see what’s going wrong in your process and fix it immediately in real-time to meet your key business KPIs. What causes bottlenecks and friction within your process?

Between order management, invoicing, order fulfilment, and accounts receivable typical pain points include:

  • Varying payment methods and terms lead to friction
  • Late product or service deliveries (penalties/unsatisfied customers)
  • Credit blocks effect working capital
  • Too many customer touchpoints
  • Rework
  • Low compliance to agreed delivery dates
  • Complex generation of shipping documents
  • Late invoicing

Our customers have seen the following successful business improvements

achievements with pafnow for o2c
Achievements with PAFnow for O2C

Why PAFnow?

That’s because of time-to-value; what used to take a company a year, we can do in a week!

  • The PAFnow tool for O2C comes with prebuilt dashboards with all relevant visualizations and analysis tools. You don’t need to build anything from scratch, you can start your analysis right away.
  • PAFnow integrates seamlessly into the Microsoft infrastructure. You don’t need to setup a new platform, you can simply use your existing Power BI and Power Platform infrastructure
  • You don’t have to leave the Process Mining application to start improving your process. You can start optimization measures from within PAFnow by using over 400 action connectors, that are part of Power BI.