PAFnow Update March 2020
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PAFnow Update March 2020

It’s time for the PAFnow Update March 2020.

The latest version of PAFnow has

  • new features for the Process Explorer
  • new functionalities for the report pages

While the PAFnow Update of February 2020 was mostly concerned with performance, we are now back with new features.

Highlight Functionalities

We added the new Deviation Highlight. You can use it to highlight absolute differences in your process flow based on selections you made in other visuals.

For example, you can highlight the difference in duration and number of cases for different variants in your process flow.

Deviation highlight
The Deviation Highlight is a new feature in the Process Explorer. It shows you absolute differences in your process flow based on selections in other visuals.

Speaking of highlight features, there are two more functionalities in the PAFnow Update March 2020.

You can now disable and enable the legend colors when you’re working in legend mode to also see the highlight while the legend is activated.

We also added different scales for the highlight modes for edges and for nodes. Depending on what you need you can choose between:

  • Linear
  • Log
  • Sqrt
  • Outlier
  • Report Page Functionalities

Finally, the drill-through feature is now available on all report pages. This makes it very easy for you to jump between different attributes of your analysis.

We are determined to continue our mission to democratize Process Mining and make it accessible to anyone via Microsoft Power BI and Office 365. Do you want to know more about Process Mining? You can test PAFnow here or find out more about which version is right for you and your company’s specific needs here. More details on the new version can be found in the PAFnow documentation, which can be accessed after registering.