PAFnow Update January 2020
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PAFnow Update January 2020

Process Explorer improvements and more customization options

The first month of 2020 is over, which means it’s time for the first update of the year.

The PAFnow Process Mining software in Power BI Update January 2020 includes new features for:

  • Process Explorer: Conformance Check
  • Fitness Level Indicator
  • Customization

A few important things first:

  • We already started doing this in late 2019, but now it’s final: We changed our update model to monthly updates, so you profit immediately from changes, innovations and improvements.
  • With the PAFnow Update January 2020, you have to make sure that you’re using PAFnow Companion 1.1.4 or up, otherwise the visuals will not function properly.
  • We’re now officially a Microsoft Silver Partner! That means state-of the-art Process Mining capabilities and expertise, paired with our commitment to constantly improve our service with you – the user – in mind. And all of this recognized and verified by Microsoft.

PAFnow Update January 2020

This update comes with new features for the PAFnow Process Explorer, specifically its Conformance Check capabilities. We already included some new features in our last update, mainly the improved and as such easier marking of conform and non-conform variants and a conformance check tooltip KPI.

Now, you can use your definition of conform and non-conform variants to filter cases in your Process Explorer. Plus, you can directly compare your conformance selection to your reference model. The breadcrumb navigation keeps track of your selection, so you don’t get lost.

conformance check in breadcrumb navigation
The breadcrumb navigation shows you that your working with filters within the conformance check section in the Process Explorer.

And it is also easier to read your Conformance Check graphs, as you can now hide nodes. Let’s look at this in more detail.

The yellow node shows the route as it should be and is defined by your reference model; the red node shows you the process as it really is. When you have many process steps or a large proportion of non-conform steps in your process flow, this view can be very hard to read. So now, you can individually hide the yellow nodes, to just look at your process flow as it is happening right now.

close-up of improved highlight view
For an easier view, you can hide the yellow reference model nodes and only display the red, non-conforming nodes and paths of your as-is process.

As for the tooltip and KPI on the Conformance Check page, we updated the fitness level indicator to better rank the conformance level of your process. A fitness level of 100% means that there are only conform steps in your process flow selection.

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So the lower the fitness level the more non-conform steps are included in your selection. The fitness level indicator is included in the tooltip, plus as a KPI on the Conformance Check page. So you see at one glance, where the biggest conformance issues are in your process.

conformance check tool-tip
The KPI in the top right corner of the Conformance Check view shows the Fitness Level in percent. When you hover over the icon, you can see a tooltip with more detailed information on the fitness level of your selection.

Lastly, the color theme customization can be realized in all PAFnow custom visuals, which gives you even more customization options than before.

We are determined to continue our mission to democratize Process Mining and make it accessible to anyone via Microsoft Power BI and Office 365. Do you want to know more about Process Mining? You can test PAFnow here or find out more about which solution is right for you and your company’s specific needs. More details on the new version can be found in the PAFnow documentation, which can be accessed after registering.