PAFnow Update 2019.3
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PAFnow Update 2019.3

Improvements to the Conformance Check and many new tooltip options

The end of the year is approaching but instead of getting lazy, we’re rolling out the PAFnow Process Mining software in Power BI Update 2019.3! The last update of 2019 brings you improvements to the Conformance Check and many new tooltip options.

Changes based on user feedback

At PAF, we listen to your feedback! That’s why we improved the way you can mark conform and non-conform variants upon popular demand. Now you can simply right click on a step in the process flow to mark it as conform or non-conform with your target model. While you mark the steps, your conformance model is updated constantly and includes or excludes variants based on your selection.

And what’s even better, you get a preview of what the process flow will look like before you apply your selection.

There is also a completely new tooltip. You can access it, once you started the Conformance Check. It gives you a breakdown of your conformance check results, no matter on which page you are working.

new conformance check features to include or exclude process steps
In the Conformance Check you can now directly include or exclude process steps in your conformance models by clicking on the steps in the graph.

New Tooltip Features

Speaking of the tooltip, there’s another new feature that a lot of users will appreciate. The edges in the process flow can now display visuals in the tooltip. That is a great way to display important extra information and evaluations when the regular tooltip list just won’t cut it. You can customize tooltip visuals on separate report page, so you get exactly the information you need to see.

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There is also a small but important change implemented into our SSIS Package. With the PAFnow 2019.3 update, it can now support larger duration values, which allows you to analyze processes spanning for very large time periods.

new tooltip with visual elements
The new Tooltip Visuals are a great way to include important information into your process flow without cluttering the image

2020 Preview

Of course, we won’t just stop there. We have great features already in the making for next year, so stay tuned for that. On top of that, we will finish one of our research projects in January. This means new application possibilities and advances in the Process Mining market.

We are determined to continue our mission to democratize Process Mining and make it accessible to anyone via Microsoft Power BI and Office 365. Do you want to know more about Process Mining? You can test PAFnow here or find out more about which solution is right for you and your company’s specific needs. More details on the new version can be found in the PAFnow documentation, which can be accessed after registering.