PAFnow Update 2019.2
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PAFnow Update 2019.2

New features, bug fixes and improvements for users

The Process Analytics Factory (PAF) rolls out the 2019.2 update of the PAFnow Process Mining software in Power BI. This means new features, bug fixes and improvements for users of PAFnow Pro, Premium, and Enterprise and for users of the PAFnow Process Mining free visual.

PAFnow License Versions

Users of PAFnow licensed versions now have new options to customize their tables before data transformation in PAFnow Companion with the new Configuration feature. This gives them more flexibility.

Furthermore, the new filter preview in the Process Explorer helps to choose the right filters by giving a preview of the process flow with set filters. The Conformance Check has also received an upgrade with users now being able to choose if they want to hide or display process steps that were skipped. This makes it easier to compare target models to the as-is performance.

The Histogram slicer also received an update and can now display negative values. There also is an option to switch the snapping functionality (it snaps to the nearest value you have selected) on and off which makes value selection much easier.

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Furthermore, some issues with font sizes were fixed to make sure that the report looks nice and clean. Users of the Enterprise version are also advised to download the 2019.1.1 patch for SSIS.

new filter preview
The new filter preview shows you which sections of your process flow will be affected by a filter

PAFnow Process Mining Free Visual

The PAFnow Process Mining Free Visual received some great upgrades. Users now have access to advanced features including the new filter preview, the minimap that helps to navigate the process flow, and many highlight functions such as the node highlight.

In addition, users gain a preview of the Conformance Check and the Breadcrumb feature. The legend feature was also added which allows to group multiple graphs together by predefined categories. The free visual thus allows for an even deeper insight into processes than before.

Furthermore, an improved design and performance based on customer feedback give users a program that meets their needs and is incredibly easy to use.

With the new update PAF continues its mission to democratize Process Mining and make it accessible to anyone via Microsoft Power BI and Office 365. Do you want to know more about Process Mining? You can test PAFnow here or find out more about which solution is right for you and your company’s specific needs. More details on the new version can be found in the PAFnow documentation, which can be accessed after registering.