PAFnow Training Experience
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Process Mining made easy

The PAFnow Training Experience

Author: Katharina Laumann, PR Manager and Editor at PAF

Do you think Process Mining is difficult? That it’s something only data scientists can understand? Do you feel like you will never be able to grasp the terminology or to use Process Mining easily?

Recently, the sales and marketing teams of PAF took the PAFnow training to better understand the software. We went into the training with the expectation that it would be extremely difficult for us and that we would not understand anything. Now we know better, and today we want to share our experiences with you, because it really is true - anyone can benefit from Process Mining!

“Traditionally”, Process Mining is considered a tool for analysts or data scientists. However, we all entered our training with different technological backgrounds, and most of us only had very limited knowledge of the software. We knew what it could do in theory, but we didn’t think that we would be able to do it on our own, since we don’t have the technical background of data scientists.

We were quickly proven wrong: Anyone can understand Process Mining and use PAFnow. Especially the first two modules offer an excellent introduction for non-experts and also help to get familiar with the terminology and to read the process graph. Modules three and four are rather technical, but after completing the first two modules they were also easy to understand.

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The training consists of a mixture of theoretical parts, where the trainer demonstrates the functions, and interactive parts, where we solved tasks in our PAFnow version. The practical part really helped all of us to understand how to use the software and also where to look for information to get specific results in case you forgot something. We really were exploring processes, finding problems and their causes, and getting into the nitty-gritty details.

We emerged from the training, confident in using PAFnow, or as David from Marketing said: “Before the training I expected that only data analysts or ‘tech people’ can really understand it. But everyone can!

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