PAFnow Process Mining Visual: Update 2019.2 and User-Milestone
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PAFnow Process Mining Visual: Update 2019.2 and User-Milestone

We start 2020 with great news for users of our PAFnow Process Mining visual! PAFnow Process Mining 2019.2 is now available in AppSource.

With the latest update End-Timestamps are now available in the free visual. That means a very detailed view on the time periods in your process. How long does it take to finish a step? How much time passes between the end of one step and the beginning of the next one? Users can see the times at one glance in the edge labels and node highlights. Duration times are also indicated by color, so the longest times are visible immediately.

endtime stamps in the process flow
With end-timestamps it’s easy to see exactly how long it takes to finish individual process steps and how much time is wasted between steps. The color indicator also highlights long duration times in red.

What’s more, with the update we broke the 1000 user mark of the PAFnow Process Mining visual! That means just after the introduction of version 2019.1 in Microsoft AppSource in the second half of 2019, there are now over 1000 people worldwide who are using our Process Mining visual for Power BI, the world’s leading BI platform.

When we look at the combination of users of all PAFnow versions, we are proud to say that PAFnow is already used in 99 countries around the globe. We’re sure we’ll also break the 100-country mark soon!

pafnow users worldwide
PAFnow is truly a global solution. PAFnow Process Mining has more than 1000 global users and all PAFnow versions combined are used in 99 countries.

Those landmarks mean a lot to us and our mission to democratize Process Mining.

Democratization is one of the major trends in technology recognized by Gartner in the Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2020, which was further recognized as one of the top Gartner articles of 2019. In this context, democratization means that people can access technical expertise without extensive training.

For us at PAF, it means putting the user at the center of our application by making it easy to use and, with our free visual PAFnow Process Mining, available to everyone. This is how we’re leading the democratization wave in Process Mining. Reaching 1000 users shows us, that we’re definitely on the right track.

“We are proud to have reached this milestone! For us, democratization is the way to go and it seems that many people are agreeing! By providing our PAFnow Process Mining visual in AppSource everyone can use it within their Power BI environment and in combination with other Power BI applications! Both Microsoft and PAF believe in democratization so this is a perfect combination both on a technical level and in company philosophy! This is a great start for 2020 and I’m looking forward to the rest of the year!” says Tobias Rother, founder and CEO of PAF.

“Forward” is a keyword for us, because we don’t just rest on our laurels sleep on our success. Of course we also want to move forward and that means constantly improving our products and updating features to bring more Process Mining capabilities to people. We have great features in the making for 2020 so stay tuned for future updates.

We will also finish one of our research projects by the end of January. This means new application possibilities and advances in the Process Mining market.

We are determined to continue our mission to democratize Process Mining and make it accessible to anyone via Microsoft Power BI and Office 365. Do you want to know more about Process Mining? Get the free visual!

You can also test PAFnow Premium here or find out more about which version is right for you and your company’s specific needs here.