Happy Birthday Microsoft Power BI
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PAF wishes Microsoft Power BI a Happy Birthday!

Today is a very special day for us because we can celebrate five years of Power BI together with Microsoft.

Power BI is still young, but it already looks back on a huge success story. Microsoft reshaped the BI-market with the introduction of Power BI and is now the leading BI vendor.

But Power BI is not just Microsoft’s success story but also a fundamental part of PAF’s company story.

“Power BI was our inspiration to rethink Process Mining. Five years ago, Power BI entered the market with the goal to make BI as easy to understand and use as Power Point or Excel. This idea was so brilliant, that it changed the way we think about Process Mining. If BI can be so easy and approachable, then Process Mining can – and should be – as well! The idea to integrate Process Mining in Power BI, was the logical next step. Power BI has been with us from the beginning. So the anniversary of Power BI is not only a milestone for the BI community but also a very important day for PAF.” says Timo Nolle, CTO of PAF and the brain behind PAFnow, about the special relationship between PAF and Power BI.

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The existence of Power BI fundamentally shaped us as a company and for that we are grateful. We look forward to many more years of innovation, thought-leadership, cooperation, amazing solutions for our customers, and most of all PAF and Microsoft building the future, together!

Happy Birthday Power BI!