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Microsoft and PAFnow boost businesses with combined Robotic Process Automation, Business Intelligence and Process Mining

Microsoft announces new RPA Power Automate Desktop solution and partner ISVs during Microsoft Ignite. PAFnow is proud to be part of the excellent Power Automate ISV “network”, chosen to accelerate the success and agility of customers’ automation journey.

Five years of success

Over the last five years Microsoft has driven the democratization process of state-of-the-art technology in the business intelligence (BI) sector and AI in general. In July 2015, Microsoft released Power BI to the general public as part of Office 365 (now Microsoft 365). Today, the world’s largest organizations rely on Power BI as their standard solution.

One of the key factors in the democratization process is accessibility in relation to ease of use as well as applicability. The goal is to empower users, even those without a technical background, to use new technologies on any device in a familiar infrastructure.

“At Process Analytics Factory (PAF) we love this approach. We wanted to have a more accessible Process Mining software for everyone to experience the benefits," said Timo Nolle, CTO of PAF. “That´s why we put Process Mining where it belongs: implemented in Power BI; embedded in the Power Platform."
Due to its native integration, organizations can do much more than just analyze data: Collaborate, communicate, and directly start optimization measures from insights. For example, users can directly utilize Microsoft components, such as Power Apps or Power Automate to act on the insights gained with PAFnow Process Mining.

In 2019, Microsoft took the next step and introduced Robotic Process Automation (RPA) into Power Automate as part of its Power Platform. Again, it was designed to keep users of all knowledge backgrounds in mind and adds a new dimension to the possibilities that businesses have to turn data into value.

Today, Power Automate is already used by over 350.000 organizations and Microsoft is recognized as a Visionary in Gartner’s 2020 Magic Quadrant for Robotic Process Automation, placing highest among all vendors for their completeness of vision. With the new desktop solution, announced on September 23, 2020 within the scope of Microsoft Ignite, the automation capabilities are extended to on-premises processes or tasks to automate any desktop or web-based application. Next to the announcement, Microsoft showed participants how to use the new Power Automate Desktop version to automate time-consuming manual processes.

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RPA in combination with other technologies: A solid foundation for future success

With this new update, Microsoft also shared the key players among the independent software vendors (ISVs) that help to accelerate the success and agility of customers. The lineup acknowledges that while RPA is great, its true potential is reached in combination with other technologies.

“RPA works best when it is applied to increase the efficiency of repetitive processes. It can’t fix a broken process or ‘learn’ how to react to unexpected events," said Jason Wickman, PAF Executive Vice President of North America. “Process Mining tools such as PAFnow analyze how processes actually work, how they deviate from the ideal model, what problems occur, and which optimization measures should be taken."

users of the power platform are more than ready for the future!

Next to PAFnow, Microsoft also works with FortressIQ (task mining and process intelligence platform) and Blueprint Software Systems (intelligent automation systems). Users gain a powerhouse of tech expertise that helps to unlock the true potential of the Power Platform. All critical points of business processes optimization are covered: Process Mining, Business Process Management, Process Discovery (Task Mining), Capture, and Automation.

“At PAF we are very proud to be part of this network," said Tobias Rother, Founder & CEO of PAF. “Users of the Power Platform are more than ready for the future as they can rely on the individual expertise of each of the involved parties. We look forward to work with Microsoft and the ISV network to support modern companies as agility, flexibility and scalability become more and more important. We will help to ensure that Microsoft customers will be uniquely well-positioned to adapt to the ever-increasing pace of change that is shaping the modern business world."