Process Mining and Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
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Process Mining & RPA

How Process Mining can support you during all stages of your automation journey

RPA (Robotic Process Automation) can be a great advantage for companies as it is a powerful tool for increasing efficiency and relieving employees of repetitive, mundane tasks. However, RPA is tricky to use effectively when you don’t know what your processes look like.
Combining RPA with Process Mining in what we call the “ARIA strategy” helps companies to define their automation strategy, find suitable starting points for automation projects, optimize processes before automating, and keep track of the success of their efforts.


Most companies assume they know their standard processes. In reality, standard processes are a very rare thing. They differ between departments, subsidiaries, or even between employees sitting right next to each other. However, they are similar enough to keep the illusion of one standard process alive.

That is - until you dig in the data with Process Mining and uncover all the variants that appear in your company. Using Process Mining as the first step of your automation project allows you to learn how your actual processes look like and where there is optimization potential.


In the first step, you have uncovered all the different variants of the processes that are running in your company. Now it is time to look at your processes with regards to automation and determine which processes are suited for automation and which ones are not.

There are two aspects to this. The complexity of a process and the impact of automation. Complex processes with too many variants and exceptions are not good candidates for automation. Other processes might profit from automation but need to be improved first.


Use Process Mining to find out why issues occur and take action to improve your process. Find bottlenecks, compliance violations, rework, waste, or other problems. Eliminate the causes of these issues, simplify your processes, and get them ready for automation.


When you have identified and optimized the processes suited for RPA, it’s finally time to automate. Process Mining can be used to monitor the success of your automation and optimization efforts and to discover further areas that could benefit from automation.

These are just the basics when it comes to Process Mining and RPA. The new PAFnow RPA Edition is Process Mining specifically tailored to assist RPA centers of excellence and can do even more than reveal and monitor. And like all PAFnow versions it’s embedded into Power BI and thus in your Office 365 environment.

Would you like to learn more about the new PAFnow RPA Edition? You can also view all PAFnow Editions or try the demo first hand.