Adding Process Mining into Office 365
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Migrate to Upgrade: Adding Process Mining into Office 365

Unlock next level Process Mining

Author: Katharina Laumann, PR Manager and Editor at PAF

Process Mining tools have proven in recent years that they can significantly minimize the time and effort required to analyze operational processes and identify optimization potential based on facts.

However, both users and market analysts are increasingly finding that it is no longer sufficient to simply provide insights from a particular set of analysis tools.

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Interoperability is becoming the be-all and end-all of Process Mining. When combined with other technologies such as Business Intelligence or Automation tools, Process Mining unleashes its full power.
The answer to this changing demand is Process Mining, embedded as a capability within a broader solution so that it extends existing infrastructures and interacts seamlessly with other technologies.

But how does one go about migrating to an interoperable Process Mining software? Is it difficult? What do you need? And what are the real benefits?

Download the Whitepaper to find out:

  • The different types of Process Mining tools
  • Reasons to Migrate
  • What you need
  • Benefits and how you upgrade your Process Mining